Insider Describes the World of Sony's MAG


"It's not hard to imagine that Sony knew Microsoft would choose E3 to make its curtain-call announcement of Final Fantasy XIII for the 360. It's likewise reasonable to believe they searched their catalog of works under development for the best candidate to generate any buzz. What we got was a mixed bag - the trailer of an incredibly expansive shooter, but it didn't even have a title. It was just MAG: Massive Action Game. It sounded tempting, but very incomplete.

In fact it was shown to a focus group less than a month before E3. One among that group, after seeing the MAG E3 debut, reached out to me, under a promise of anonymity, to describe what was shown and asked of the group. Put simply, MAG - whatever title it comes out under - will be a mercenary combat MMO. It will more than likely carry SOCOM branding, as Zipper Interactive is behind it. And if so, it could be called SOCOM: Shadow War or SOCOM: Zero.

For purposes of identity protection, my source, who has experience in other video game focus groups, will be called Orange."

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cp683743d ago

Pure awesomesauce!
I just hope we'll have MUTE option, cuz i can already hear these 12 year old kids whining..

ThatCanadianGuy3743d ago

that sounds sooo cool,just as i hoped the General/comander(whoever)

Gets to use a RTS map to send reinforcements or air support etc.

ooh man..seriously cant wait for this

2:God of war 3
4:Killzone 2
5:Heavy rain

Those are the top 5 games i want sooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!

SL1M DADDY3742d ago

Can you imagine being in a room with 255 whining teenagers? Good god, now that would he painful! lol

ChampIDC3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

It wouldn't surprise me if they had a communication hierarchy, preventing you from hearing everyone.

Squad Members -> <- Squad Leader -> <- Commander

Basically what Battlefield 2 did, communication staying inside your squad unless you're a leader.

SUP3R3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Everything Orange described about this game just made me excited to see how it all pulls off.
I'm a fan of full clan based planning and strategy type games and this sounds like something that will be very engrossing.
It sounds like a huge MMO PvP war game and that sounds really good to me.


I was just thinking how incredible the war room Home space for this game will be. It might be like the Warhawk war room except on a much much grander scale.
Thinking about all of these possibilities really is starting to build some hype in me for this game.

sonarus3743d ago

Yea plus in the video you see vehicles and stuff. I also remember a guy coming down from a parachute which could mean air crafts and parachutes. I hope the game is sooner rather than later as in 2009 and not 2010

mfwahwah3743d ago

On the parachutes comment. I was thinking it would be sick if you respawn as a paratrooper reinforcement and drop down into the warzone (invincible in air to prevent your early death :P). It would be so much better than just appearing at a random spot.

yanikins1113742d ago

Nah shouldnt be invincible. Instead have it as a trade off. You have to wait until x number of people die, then you vote on where to drop. You can drop behind enemy lines but most of you will die. Or you can drop a safe difference and only lose a few to snipers, or none at all. Would add some intensity if there are games with time limits and an all out assault on a base. Would also add tactical advantages to destroying anti air guns etc. WHo knows. Should be a blast either way.

eagle213743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

An actual article with good information. Bravo,

Can't wait to hear even more. Whoever "Orange" is: THANKS! :)

mesh13743d ago

now the fake hype begins right ? until its shown i guess

Amp3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

whatever you say just falls through, with Nobody caring, be gone .

eagle213743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I gotta find Queefy B. so I can get another bottle of BOT-B-GONE. Be afraid, be very afraid.... :)

avacadosnorkel3743d ago

if somebody leaked the info to anybody from Kotaku that's like giving the news to Microsoft themselves.

UGA_13743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Definately agree, btw what did "orange" describe that wasn't explained at e3.

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