James Bond Demo Video

Slashgamer really thinks that the new James Bond game "Quantum of Solace" is going to be a really freaking awesome game. Maybe not Goldeneye great, but better then every other Bond game to come out since then (not like that's hard). After watching this video from, Slashgamer thinks a lot of you will agree.

Everything looks great, from the gun fighting to the quick-time events, sound, and atmosphere, Slashgamer really thinks this game will have it all. On top of that, we get to play as one of the best Bond's ever!

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MonkeyMan3742d ago

THis is one of the few movie games that i have ever been interested in.

PoSTedUP3742d ago

but not better than golden eye from what i seen.

Smacktard3742d ago

Looks pretty neat. Nothing in the vein of the older Bond games, though. Then again, that might be a good thing. It's going to be nothing like Goldeneye, but it looks interesting nonetheless... even though I've never really been a fan of SNEAKAN GAMES.

MonkeyMan3742d ago

What you weren't a fan of Burger King's Sneak King for the XBOX 360?

Gilligan3742d ago

The game looks very intuitive. I am really looking foreword to it.

Harry1903742d ago

I just wished they would drop the first person entirely. It would be just like Everything or Nothing which was truly a great game.

vloeistof3742d ago

slashfilm + slashgamer :D
wont have money left to pick this game up :P

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The story is too old to be commented.