HipHopGamer Goes Head To Head With Major Nelson At E3

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Hiphopgamer went one round with Major Nelson at E3! Find out who the winner is! Plus:

* HipHopGamer Interviews Veronica Belmont
* MK vs DC Exclusive Hands - On Gameplay
* Street Fighter 4 Hands - On Gameplay
* HipHopGamer Talks with ED Boon Check it out
* And Much Much More

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N4M3L3553839d ago

What a weak argument against the PS3. "You have to wait 8 minutes to install Metal Gear". Just shut your mouth and admit, yeah, we wish we could have it. Microsoft will shoot anything down until it comes to the 360. Hell, if FFXIII were still exclusive to the PS3, MS would say "It's no big deal, we have our own jrpgs to go against it...blah..blah..blah". At least when Sony/Nintendo reps are interviewed they (for the most part) have a lot more class. They focus on their own company, accomplishments, and their future. Microsoft is too busy worrying about their competitors and who'll be "first".

Premonition3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Nice, a HUGE demo for qore next month, i wonder what it will be :)

I predict Resistance 2 :)

PoSTedUP3839d ago

what a show! it was better than you said it was gunna be. thats crazy man and im happy for you, you did an amazing job out there. good luck with everything man, 1luv and god bless.

kornbeaner3839d ago

Keeping it real in the face of a 360 suit, Very nice.

Much Respect.

egm_hiphopgamer3839d ago

i'm glad everyone is enjoying the show stay tuned tomorrow for part 2 and i'm gonna continue to do my best aight 1luv and god bless hiphopgamershow let's get it poppin

thereapersson3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

That sh1t was awesome.

PS, MK vs. DC looks sick and Belmont is friggin' HOT.

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