Nintendo to core gamers: Keep playing Kart

Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of NOA, has commented in numerous interviews regarding core gamer's feelings about Nintendo's E3 showing. However, his remarks about how the core gamer should be satisfied is not exactly what most had hoped for. Now, Cammie Dunaway has gotten involved in the matter as well. Dunaway had a response to those who were disappointed with Nintendo this week. Dunaway noted in a GameTrailers interview, "Keep playing Mario Kart, keep playing Smash Brothers, and check out Animal Crossing with WiiSpeak which I think is going to be a really fun experience. And check out Wii Music. Playing those drums with the Wii balance board is something that I think will be a challenge for even the most hardcore." Dunaway went on to briefly discuss third-party support.

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ChickeyCantor3740d ago

He says where are "kid icarus", kirby so on and on.
But people pretend these games will never come out.

Smacktard3740d ago

So... how many times is this article going to be posted?