Crispy Gamer's Killzone 2 Preview

The Skinny: The once-thought "Halo-killer" never garnered any true success on the PlayStation 2. With Killzone 2, can Guerilla Games redeem itself and take on the best the Xbox 360 has to offer?

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eagle213746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

"While it doesn't have a Forge or video-share abilities, what it lacks in those areas it makes up for in a more ROBUST multiplayer component, larger battles and a solid online and Web site community. Single-player was intense in our short play-through, and we're looking forward to seeing how the team-based multiplayer scenarios evolve."


silverchode3746d ago

no game can kill halo unless it spends millions on advertising. quality wise many games are better than halo.

Veryangryxbot3746d ago

KZ2 will be unstoppable once it arrives and will utterly lay waste to what was once called Halo.


Remember Infinity ward?
They said they aimed for dethrone Halo with COD4? And an army of fanboys laughed and made jokes about it? Look how that turned out.
COD4 > Halo 3

The haters will swallow their words. KZ2 will deliver and the xbots will cry with envy.

silverchode3746d ago

i just hope sony advertises this game.