Far Cry 2 Gameplay Video

Some in-game video that showcases Far Cry 2's gameplay.

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Yo Mama3768d ago

God, the sound of the girls voice in the background is so annoying.

cam20303768d ago

are you female? I like her voice, sounds sexy
the Game looks so amazing, i'll buy it

Statix3768d ago

Can't you tell? He's McLovin from the movie Superbad.

General Pinky3768d ago

But I will not fall for it again after far cry on the 360...that one su** big balls…
And I am the kind of person that doesn’t sell his games...every time i see that game i think about the cash i wasted.

Sanhlami3768d ago

Man that lady taunting the guy is so annoying. Why was that guy running around with a sniper rifle for close range attack?

Statix3768d ago

Finally, we see some footage of the PS3 version. Every video we've seen up to now has been running on 360.