Phil Spencer talks the future of Xbox One and Windows 10

GR:"Given that the fallout from Games For Windows – Live (GFWL) is still being felt eight years after its launch, it takes no little chutzpah to get onstage at the Game Developers Conference and announce a new Windows gaming initiative. But if Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s GDC keynote is to be believed, things are on the up. Windows 10 will bring all of Microsoft’s gaming platforms together, from high-end PC to mobile, while PC players won’t face a repeat of GFWL’s online multiplayer charges. Xbox One, meanwhile, has seen an uptick in sales thanks to a price reduction and several exclusivity coups. We meet Spencer to discuss scepticism, VR, and the future of Windows gaming."

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Septic1251d ago

This is an old interview no?

Either way, I don't think its a bad idea sitting back and waiting to see what happens in the VR space. Obviously this carries the risk that you'll be behind your opponents if/when it does take off but it is quite risky and entirely dependent on how much focus these companies dedicate to it.

I hope VR is a success. This feels like our last shot at the tech. If it fails now then we wont see it for a very long time. I dont want it to go the way of 3D.

Transistor1251d ago

Microsoft is messing around with cloud powered VR.


JoGam1251d ago

I think this years E3 has the potential to be awesome for MS, Sony and Nintendo. The possibilities are endless.

Yetter1251d ago

Its a MS research project, They spend 9.6 billion a year on that department and 95% of their projects never see the light of day. What you posted isn't a potential product, just some nerds messing around in a lab

Transistor1250d ago

I did say messing around.

MCTJim1251d ago

I agree on the sitting back on VR. Right now in order for the consumer to buy..let say Occulus and Morpheus....People want it cheap, for less than 300 dollars for what I see around here and other sites. I'm sorry, but that would definitely be cutting corners big time. Reality right now says its gonna cost you to get what you are expecting out of this device. If people think cheap is gonna work, they are mistaken.

Seafort1251d ago

Well if companies think people are going to pay ridiculous amounts of money for what essentially is a gimmick tech they will be sadly mistaken too :)

It has to be priced right or it won't reach mainstream gaming at all and will be a complete waste of time and money to research and develop the devices.

FrostXVenom1251d ago

Man,He always does the the talking on windows platform and never releases any good games on Windows.

slate911251d ago

You expect ground breaking AAA pc titles during his first year and a half in charge? Lol. Let the man get some momentum. Thats why Im so hype for this e3. It is his first one where he is fully in control of direction and things to present. This is his moment

Seafort1251d ago

Microsoft should get one thing straight they are not in charge of PC gaming.

The gamers and developers are along with Valve, GoG and other digital stores.

It's an open platform where MS has no say in where it is heading or what happens to it in the future. They supply the OS and that's it.

MS abandoned the PC platform for Xbox console over a decade ago and they'll never be welcomed back.

christocolus1251d ago

Phil may not be able to correct all the mistakes made by his predecessor but he will certainly make xbox one a better console than it was before.with him as xbox head i expect to see major investment into 1st party studios and new ip and that's why E3 is going to be awesome.

IrishSt0ner1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

MS provides the OS for almost a billion PC gamers, they also provide the API (DX) which the vast majority of titles require.

Microsoft literally invented PC gaming, Bill Gates even coded the first ever PC game.

Game distrubution ≠ pc gaming industry.

They also never abandoned the PC platform with Xbox, it was a DirectX 8 box with x86 architecture... Sony refused to work with MS, so they entered the console space.

They still updated Direct X yearly on PC.

Now they are releasing unified apps with DX12, proper multi-core effeciency, stacking GPUs across vendors and intergrated graphics, bringing Xbox LIVE to PC for free, dual licenses for games etc...

I welcome getting most of my Xbox stuff on PC for free, the massive gains DX12 brings and the free Windows 10 upgrade.

I know Games for Windows LIVE was awful, but that doesn't magically erase 20 years in the PC gaming industry.

LexHazard791251d ago

@irishstoner, awesome comment! Bubble for well said.

Seafort1250d ago


Like I said they supply the OS and that's it.

What first party games have Microsoft brought over to PC from Xbox apart from Halo 1&2 and their mobile RTS's?

They closed down all their PC development studios like Ensemble Studios to support Xbox exclusively.

And if game distribution ≠ PC gaming industry WTF does? Without Steam, GoG and the rest of the digital stores PC gaming would have died long ago when MS abandoned the platform.

The digital stores have supported indie devs and the recent kickstarter games to make the PC platform into what it is today.

All without support from good olde Microsoft.

Btw I don't want Xbox Live on my PC I had enough of MS trying to put a games store on PC with G4WL. Only just got rid of that spyware piece of crap.

There is no gains from DX12 unless the game's support it. Most won't do for at least a year or more.

So I'll say it again Microsoft do not own PC gaming and hopefully never will again.

rainslacker1250d ago

If DX12 makes porting so easy, then yeah, I expect them come this holiday. MS doesn't care about making games for PC, they care about profiting off of games that sell on PC regardless of who makes them. They want their own Steam, not to support PC gaming by providing games.

rainslacker1250d ago


"Microsoft literally invented PC gaming, Bill Gates even coded the first ever PC game. " He is credited, by some, as creating the first DOS PC game, but other stuff had been done before that. He had the first commercially released IBM DOS PC game, because it shipped with the OS. PC had been around before that. I assume you got this claim from a story that was done on the game being released on the iOS store, as it's the only place I could find which gave him this credit. I also assume you think that the PC started with DOS machines. But the first PC I had in my home was the TRS-80 that was released in 1977, and it had games with full on graphics. There were also PC's available before that, but were usually too expensive for home purchases.

"They still updated Direct X yearly on PC."

Yeah. They also held back PC gaming for quite a while by making a new version of windows mandatory to be able to install new versions of DX. Because of this, developers would build for older versions of DX, rendering those expensive fancy new video cards a waste.

"I know Games for Windows LIVE was awful, but that doesn't magically erase 20 years in the PC gaming industry."

No, it doesn't erase their history. MS erased itself from the PC gaming market for the present by focusing their gaming efforts on the Xbox brand. They used to have a thriving collection of games their studios produced. Since a couple years into the 360 though, MS just stopped. Dead stopped. Not even concessionary titles once in a while. They actively did not release games on the PC, and did nothing to advance DX in any way that was meaningful. Until DX12, DX has been pretty much the same since DX9.

Who cares if the Xbox brand was a DX box and x86 based. The Xbox is not a PC.

"Now they are releasing unified apps with DX12, proper multi-core effeciency, stacking GPUs across vendors and intergrated graphics, bringing Xbox LIVE to PC for free, dual licenses for games etc... "

Yes, and they should have done this over a decade ago. Most of the ideas behind Mantle were started about 10 years ago, and DX12 is MS answer to Mantle. AMD, Nvidia, the OpenGL community, and MS all knew that they had inefficient API's which could be improved by opening up pipelines. Regardless of all the other stuff that was done, all these companies went a decade promoting their products as amazing advances, yet knew that their products were gimped because the software to run them was not capable of running the hardware to the fullest.

People shold be livid about that. All those people who spent $400-1000 on those fancy new video cards and expensive multi-core processors only to have most of that power bottlenecked or go completely unused by the API. Instead, MS, Nvidia, the OpenGL community, and AMD are all applauded for taking the steps to make a PC do something that consoles have done for almost 30 years.

MS really cares about the PC gaming community. Please. The only thing they care about is control. The only thing that kicked their ass to get DX12 out there was AMD finally having something in mantle which was a serious threat to DX. Nvidia knew this was a threat to them, so they got on board with MS.

So, to conclude, you can't erase the past 8 years of MS not caring one bit because they happen to be taking an interest for the past year or so.

I'm excited for DX12. I think it's great. But I also know MS well enough to know that if they thought that the PC gamer wouldn't flock in droves to Win10 to get DX12, then they'd hardly spend any time on it at all.

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_LarZen_1251d ago

The future of Xbox is Windows. Just wait and see.

IrishSt0ner1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Yup and they've already told us...

tuglu_pati1251d ago

I think XBOX as a console will die, MS will concentrate on Windows gaming, IMO. They are starting the process already with having most of their games on both XBO and Windows 10. Its just a matter of time.

1251d ago
SilentNegotiator1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

That's certainly what a lot of higher ups at Microsoft WANT the future to be. Time will tell if trying to blur the line between the two is actually successful, though.

rainslacker1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

I think the console will be around still if it continues to profit. The idea of one platform is making that platform accessible in as many ways as possible. Since console gaming makes up a significant portion of the gaming market, it'll likely continue to exist. It may change in how it's made though, and it may not be the dedicated machines that we see today. But I think if MS learned anything, it's that it's to take change slow. Drastic changes to policies or ways of doing things are often frowned upon by gamers, so if they want a piece of the gaming pie, they still have to cater to those gamers wants.

The absolute best thing MS can do to actually profit, and minimize R&D costs is to move towards being a service/software provider. If they could get their games delivered through streaming, or specialized hardware in other devices, then there is no telling where the Xbox brand could go. But increasing your infrastructure is where the real money lies, and it's why everything MS does is in some way tied to the Live platform.

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PANDAB1251d ago

My honest feeling about VR is that it will take off...if the porn industry gets behind it (no pun intended)

TheRedButterfly1251d ago

That's exactly why Blu-Ray absolutely trounced HD DVD. History has proven time and time again that as soon as porn hops on board, the product will (almost always) succeed.

SonyOnly41250d ago

They asked him about Kinect poor guy can't say what he really thinks about Kinect but we all know phil it was Don Mattrick and Yusefs fault you have to deal with being reminded how they tried to make Xbox a glorified Cable Accessory when Cable has been dead for 5 or so years.
Honestly I feel sorry for Phil Spencer he always has to talk about stuff other idiots at Microsoft hype up and then when it turns to crap he has to sweep up the mess he has already had to downplay DX12 because Adam Greenburg won't shut up about it twice but he doesn't have the power or probably the heart to give them the boot.