5 Vehicular Combat Games Worthy of Any Mad Max Road Warrior

In celebration of Mad Max: Fury Road, this listicle discusses the best 5 adrenaline-pumping, fuel-injected, nitro-powered, vehicular combat video games.

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Ripsta7th1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

I dont think any series so far can top battlefield on CONSOLES

NiteX1302d ago

I by far prefer Twisted Metal over Battlefield. Hell even Vigilante 8 is better.

Relientk771302d ago

Vehicular combat, definitely Twisted Metal

WizzroSupreme1302d ago

I just saw the movie last weekend and I have to say, it might've been crazier than the video game could ever hope to be, sadly. I don't think even Avalanche could fit in a flame-thrower guitarist in their game. Then again, maybe they can.

ChronoJoe1301d ago

I really like the Starhawk and Warhawk games in regards to vehicular combat.