Gamecyte E3 2008: Rhythm Heaven Stylus-On

Gamecyte writes: "I believe the record will show that Rhythm Tengoku is one of my very favorite titles. The GBA cart still occupies my DS, and I'll still break out a few quick rounds when stuck on a bus, or plane, or if someone is boring me. So, when a trek through the E3 show floor led me to a booth where an awfully familiar-looking game, named Rhythm Heaven, was on display, I made a beeline for the DS, trampling the unfortunate journalists and vendors in my path. My suspicions were joyfully confirmed: Rhythm Heaven is a new version of Rhythm Tengoku (the previously announced Rhythm Tengoku Gold), designed for the DS by Nintendo R&D1, and translated for release in North America. There's a pun to be made here about being in Rhythm Heaven or some such, but I'm in too good of a mood for that."

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