6 Things MMOs Keep Getting Wrong

The Elder Scrolls Online has been a huge disappointment, and World of Warcraft is rapidly losing players.

Here are six crucial issues that MMOs need to face up to.

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Xer0_SiN1249d ago

doesnt sound like mmorpgs isnt your kinda thing then.

Xer0_SiN1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

i meant to say sounds like mmoprgs isnt your kinda thing then. was gonna say something else lol.

DivoJones1248d ago

Lol.. tens and tens of hours to max level. Poster must've never played EQ, tens of hours would get you tens of levels tops.

Rachel_Alucard1249d ago

You realize most of the complaints presented aren't flaws but a lack of understanding of why MMOs present themselves with these choices. Endgame is focused upon because that is literally all you can do once you've maxed out in level, at that point it becomes a gear treadmill in most cases with players running content to get better gear through drops or an endgame currency system. In all comes down to who is the best at their job in endgame.

aquaticDonut1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

The result, however, is that the rest of the game, which is far more important, is relatively neglected. These are all very valid complaints.

BellePelouse1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

People who play MMORPGs play usually play them for the end game, so I guess this would be the far more important part

The endgame is the reason some of my friends keep coming back to WOW and giving them money again

I personally don't get the point of writings about a genre you don't like

Spotie1248d ago

Have to agree with those above. These are all things that make MMOs what they are; if they're all a problem for you, then MMOs aren't for you.

Man, you'd think the genre would be old enough by now that an article like this wouldn't exist. That people would know the staples and basics. Guess not.