The Witcher 3's day one patch is 482MB on PS4, 588MB on Xbox One

PS4 players picking up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt tomorrow will need to download a 482MB day one patch to help resolve performance issues noted in early reviews.

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Toiletsteak2385d ago

It is so close but yet so far, one more sleep and i get to play this.

2385d ago
Khajiit862385d ago


Dude just send me your money, you wont have to buy another game again.

UKmilitia2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

been playing since saturday and the patch was out then.(took me about 25-40 seconds to download.
it still has framerate issues and pop in during videos and the load screens are crap.
u dont die as much as bloodborne but the loading is just as long on ps4(not played others).

great game but jeez way to much stuff.within an hour i prob had over 50 quests that was way to high for my lvl.

also the getting stuck in trees is really annoying or press X to get on horse not popping up.
also having to get of horse at a gate walk through gate and whistle horse to get back on.

r3f1cul2385d ago

half a gig is a small patch? :O lol i guess in relation to game sizes now you'd be right but seriously plenty of games that are awesome are about that size or a bit more in their entirety

Baka-akaB2385d ago

But it is a small patch , things have changed and the size of games too . You can count on one hand the 2014-2015 retail games with a patch around such a "small" size

johndoe112112385d ago

Nah, a small patch was The Order day one patch, 30mb.

Solid_Penguin-642385d ago

Crazy to remember the good 'ol PS2 days with a 8mb memory card. How did we ever get by? ;)

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bloodybutcher2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

For you, not for me. It says on my Amazon account, that my CE has ''expected delivery date'' as Friday.WaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH!

FrostXVenom2385d ago

No,I assure you that Geralt will follow your commands on Wednesday.

Aenea2385d ago

I received an email from a few hours ago that mine has been shipped and it's with next day delivery :)

Sadly I know that it will be delivered between 4 and 5pm since on tuesdays they are always rather late, le sigh.

You know what would be awesome if it were possible to already start downloading the day 1 patches if you don't have a digital copy. What's the harm in allowing that?

Baka-akaB2385d ago

Problem is the metadata for both the retail disc and the digital version might not be the same . It's pretty much why if you purchase a digital copy of a game on ps4 , for a game you already had on a disc . You'll only be able to use the same saves , and be asked to uninstall the disc , and download the game

Khajiit862385d ago

Why do people preorder? I would never be able to risk waiting for this game. Just run to wal mart at midnight and you wont have to wait til sometime after Tuesday afternoon.

Baka-akaB2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Because people i know often get their pre-ordered games before some of those stores . And obviously preorder bonuses as incentives do work , even if we dislike most of them

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Mega242385d ago

Mine says 15 hours! Can't wait any longer!

Perjoss2385d ago

I love the amount of Polish that CD Projekt RED put into their games.

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