UCraft will be Exclusive to Nintendo Platforms

In a shocking press release that was just sent out a couple of minutes ago nintendonuggets learned that Nexis Games has made the decision to keep UCraft exclusive to the Wii U. When asked how they (Nexis Games) came to this decision they had this to say.

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Maybay1249d ago


I'll wait on reviews (or gameplay footage) to determine if it's worth a purchase or not.

wonderfulmonkeyman1249d ago

Good to see.
Everyone else has gotten Minecraft so it'll be nice to have an equivalent of our own to enjoy.

PigPen1249d ago

If Minecraft set the foundation. UCraft should be a delight.

tinkypop1249d ago

going have to get it for my son.....

ZeekQuattro1248d ago

If it plays half as good as cube creater 3D I'm sold.