What makes a video game mature?

MWEB GameZone writes: Maturity isn’t about age restriction, it’s about theme. It's not about violence & sex, it's about theme.

Maturity is a theme, that can be done better or worse depending. It’s not dependent on blood, gore, or sex. We too often confuse or equate the two, when what we should want is more mature games - and less boring violent, bloody ones.

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Sillicur2391d ago

Awesome read thank you, agreed!

plut0nash2391d ago

This post reminds me of Neil Gaiman's Coraline. Child main character and perspective, yet in every way it cautioned about being careful about what one should ask for. It did it in ways most adult stories skirted about the topic. For example, Coraline talked like a five year old, but the world she lived in was more deceptive and darker than any child's imagination. That kind of conflict made it feel more mature than any children's story I ever read. Coraline was also frightening the way many adult stories end up being.

Maybe maturity is more about how the world isn't black and white, instead weird shades in-between. How we see these things changes from time to time also. Mature writing goes beyond sterotypes and fixed perspectives.