David Reeves (SCEE CEO): 12 Announcements to be made at Leipzig

The second bits of information came from Sony. At the PAL specific press briefing David Reeves said that they had about 12 announcements to make at Leipzig, far more than what made its way out at E3.

Some print media were given a private preview screening of Heavy Rain at E3. The developers (Quantic Dream) were also present at the Sony briefing and while they weren't able to talk about Heavy Rain at E3 outside of the private screening they did hint at more open access to information about the game at GC.

I really enjoyed E3 for the amount of games that were on show and the willingness of the developers to talk about their games. The GC's last show in Leipzig however promises to be action packed.

The Leipzig Games Convention is from August 21-24. It's looking more likely now that Heavy Rain is going to blowout there, and maybe, other exclusives shown behind closed doors will also appear there.


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RonDeMuerte4650d ago

Damn....Sony has 12 new announcements.....while Microsoft only has one new announcement pending...and we already know what it's another waste of everyone's time Halo game.....

Veryangryxbot4650d ago

Sony proves again why they are the leading innovators and market leaders in the gaming industry.

Sony has so many cards behind their sleeves, its not even funny for the competitors whom both has drawn their cards prematurely and are left with very little.

Thats why you didnt see anything new at their shows and thats why it will stay that way for a long time. Because they have little left.

PS3 is where its at. And the good news continues to poor in since January 2008. Its good to be a PS3 owner right now and its sad to be a xbot.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

OH!!! GOD!!!! i can't take any more!!! ;-P
The PS3 is Turning into a MONSTER!!! ;-P
Now i know why Bill Gate$ left!!! ;-D
not done this...
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|............____|...____| IS UNSTOPPABLE!!!;)

PLAYSTATION®3規格ソフトウェアのゲー ム 中にXMB™

cloudman4650d ago

the bubble system is flawed

to many haters and fanboys

also v.a.x i gave u bubble and your bubbles didnt go up. i think more peopel should give you bubble because fanboys are taking it awa for stupid reasons

cloudman4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )


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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4650d ago

Thats good!;) Do a 'PS1' one to??? + A 'RRoD' one!!! I tried and gave up on the 'RRoD' one. To hard to do!;)

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smokeymicpot4650d ago

Can't wait this will be good

Meus Renaissance4650d ago

I love this guy's interviews. Straight up no BS

PoSTedUP4650d ago

sony held back alot of stuff at E3 so they could have alot of stuff for the TGS and GC w/e

now MS canceled their spring update just so they could have some stuff to show at E3.

BTW! WTH is Leipzig???? anyone?

SixTwoTwo4650d ago

Leipzig is a city in Germany

Veryangryxbot4650d ago

The good news has been poring in NON STOP since January 2008 with the announcement of HD DVD being dead.

This is PS3. This is living. Where else will you hear that there are constantly announcements to be made because the PS3 evolves continously and the studios are working on projects after projects. Where else. Not on the competitors system, thats for sure.

Sony never shows a lot of information but you can bet that even as we speak they have over 20 projects, all are secret and not yet revealed.

Where as the competition has only got one or two projects being worked on at once. This is why PS3 is the leading console in the gaming industry.

Play beyond. Leipzig will PWN. Confirmed.

ChampIDC4650d ago

Yeah..they kinda have a big convention better than E3.

UnSelf4650d ago

1. Okami 2
2. LOK: Soul Reaver 3
3. Viewtiful Joe 3
4. MVC 3
5. Tekken 6
6. GTA V
7. KH 3
8. Pn-O2 2
9. Chaos Legion 2
10. Jak and Daxter 4
11. Twisted Metal Black 2
12. Black 2

hay4650d ago

@1.6: Wow, it's been 20 minutes and nobody mentioned FF7 remake.


PoSTedUP4650d ago

thanks i appreciate it : )

@ bubbles- jack and dak4 would be off the hook!

Lucreto4650d ago

I want Okami 2.

Okami is my favourite game on the PS2 second is Dragon Quest 8.

UnSelf4650d ago

im glad to see some ppl (eventhough the list was hypothetical and not even speculation) have some sense of hope, reason and humor. 5 disagrees for what?? cuz no ff7 remake mentioned. Giv me a f*ckin break

SixTwoTwo4650d ago

Heavy Rain
new Killzone 2 features?
new Motorstorm PR features?
LBP public beta release date?
home public beta release date?
EU video store??
firmware 2.50???
Uncharted 2????
Team ICO?????

Some guesses

callahan094650d ago

Sony has been working hard to try to improve their image in Europe since they had to delay the PS3 launch there. Home beta in Europe right now, among other things... And now, Leipzig is a way bigger event than E3. 185,000 attendees vs. 5,000 attendees! That in addition to being later in the year, giving them more time to set up their presentation, are good reasons to expect them to utilize Leipzig as their big announcement platform this year.

lastdestiny4650d ago

I have been reading n4g for some time now and i feel i should finally contribute to the society. My microsoft insider where i get all my news from finally have something brilliant worth posting. Too me its no so brilliant (i am a ps3 guy), but to you it might be, BLU RAY add-on unit for xbox 360!. I believe its true as my microsoft insider often gets things months ahead and it becomes true but i never post (im no xbox fan, and frankly the news has only been this big once before. I hope its not true but he says it is.

Anyways Yeah the add-on will be coming, which i guess is good for sony cause microsoft has to pay royalties and stuff maybe. However it will be around late in the holdiay season and be priced and an extremely fair $149.99 in North America, and it will be released early 2009 in europe, is what my insider said. It will most likely be announced at GC, this is huge though as its somthing sony has over them xbox now has.

Please Reply with your comments

P.S I beleive this is true its 99.9% true i think as hes neevr been wrong before

Ju4650d ago

I'd guess they are making a shtload more money in Europe (better currency ratio) then in the US this time around. Might well be the Europeans want to get a bit focus, too.

gaffyh4650d ago

i don't think they'll show any Japanese developed games again (they'll probably show all of them in TGS), atleast 1 or 2 of the announcements IMO will be some sort of price cut, and an announcment for PlayTV of some sort.

Everything else I think will be game announcements by European Developers (if there are 12?!?), I can think of Media Molecule in UK, and the HOME team also from UK.

If they show the Team ICO game I will be sooo happy, but that's Japanese developed so... :(

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Omega44650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

Hopefully the majority of those annoucements are release dates, and i dont mean vague ones like fall 08 or october i mean actual days.

Also some surprises would be nice since we know a new halo will be there and they will need something big and impressive to combat that

La Chance4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

They way I see it is that youre too baiased to think straight.Im biaised but not blind
I really dont understand why-it only goes one way with you guys.

If Sony "held back" stuff I dint see why it would be differant for MSFT.
On the contrary they almost didnt show anything when Sony "revealed" 3 games : Infamous , MAG , God of War 3.

MSFT didnt show much.Does that mean they had nothin to show ? NO.

I think its obvious by now the differance when it comes to Sony and MSFT when it comes to speaking about their games.

Geez man their bigget game for 2008 (Geow2) was OFFICAILLY confirmed in...2008.

Adriokor4650d ago

a) halo has nothing to do with sony

b) halo is nothing for ps owners, we have much better games

On topic:

I hope they announce some new games from European studios.

PoSTedUP4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

i dint say MS had nothing to show, but what i said makes alot of sense cause if it wasent for FF13, then MS wouldnt of had a great E3. canceling their spring update gave them good content to show at E3. like netflix, avatars, new dash board and in stead of having a spring up date they showed it at E3 is all im saying. and if you have looked at the news lately you would see that sony has a ton of things they could of showed at E3 that they didnt. its not biased, its observation homeboy. i havent herd of anything MS could of showed or anything, it doesn't mean they have nothing, it means its all part of observation and i like to observe things not assume them.

Kratos34524650d ago

sony doesn't need another shooter to compete with halo, they have resistance 2 and killzone 2 which are both awesome.

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andron4650d ago

Sony is getting into gear...

ChampIDC4650d ago

One can only hope. They need to keep pumping out quality games if they want to catch up. They seem on track to start closing the gap at the moment. Only time will tell.

La Chance4650d ago (Edited 4650d ago )

well , considering that at the beggining of the year we didnt know GEOW2 , Inf Undiscovery , Tales of Vesperia , Banjo and Viva Pinata were coming out its safe to say that MSFT give way less clues than Sony.

I mean we all know Forza 3, ME2 , Dead Rising , LO2 or Cry On , Killer Instinct 3, Warhound, New Bungie game are coming but MSFT didnt say anything about them.

You see if you follow the news a bit better you can observe that MSFT had alot of things they could have talked about as well but didnt say anything about them.

Drekken4650d ago

Keep creating accounts. Odds are they will all receive one bubble.