Geforce releases Game Ready drivers for The Witcher 3

Gearing up for tomorrow's big release, Geforce has announced that a new set of GameReady drivers are available, optimised for CD Projekt Red's highly anticipated action RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

As well as adding support for various mysterious, arcane NVIDIA technologies, the new drivers also come with updated SLI profiles for four games; Magicka 2, Civilization: Beyond Earth, The Witcher 3, and World of Warships.

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traumadisaster1302d ago

The last driver update for gta5 messed up things. For the first time ever I had to revert to the previous version.

Funny how the gold standard advice is to never update any drivers if the current ones are working, yet I always update day 1 without reading any forums to see if it's bricking hardware.

Erik73571302d ago

My headphones are charged....
My drivers are ready...
My key board and mouse await my finger tips..
And my door is locked to prevent outsiders from stopping my glorious Witcher 3 gaming spree.

Somebody1302d ago

I'll be going for a long trip next week but my passport has expired. I need to renew it so I asked for a day's off from work.

It's pure "coincidence" that TW3 will be unlocked that morning.

Articuno761302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Yikes. Just got BSOD mid-installation.

Edit: Ran a reinstallation and it worked fine this time. Phew.