Above the Law: Ideas for the next GTA

OXM have played and replayed Grand Theft Auto IV, jacking an entire Detroit's worth of steel, busting thousands of caps in an equal number of asses, and dating more women than some of them will ever get close to in real life. Niko Bellic, you are the man.

But for all the amazing things developer Rockstar Games has accomplished with GTA IV, OXM can't help but think of the next installment in the series. How could it be different? More importantly, how could the next GTA game be even better?

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Domenikos3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

I love GTA4 graphs, physiscs, privates, but ey... you need more than that to make GTAV what it deserves.

ThatCanadianGuy3744d ago

Here's an idea.

Make it a PS3 exclusive,and use the full 50GB's.

Hopefully it wont turn out a buzzkill like GTAIV

avacadosnorkel3744d ago

unless they fix the driving