Why Destiny Is Far From Finished

Play: "Why those who claim that Destiny is done are wrong."

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fiveby92390d ago

I never thought Destiny was 'done' but I sure don't play it very much at the moment. As for Bungie's Halo being the template for the modern console shooter", it may have contributed, but surely CoD was instrumental if not more so to the genre. Regardless, Destiny is okay but as time has gone by I think it is fair to say the game did no live up to many people's expectations. Will I be back to play? Sure. Just not sure when.

dms52232390d ago

Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't halo 2 one of the first games to have the health pack less first person shooter (recharging health)? Did call of duty have that before halo?

I feel like the recharging health is what really has defined FPS since halo 2. As well as halo 2's match making style, which has bled into a lot of console games.

wakeNbake2390d ago

Halo set the standard for console FPS's but I would definitely say Call of Duty has had more influence on the industry as a whole.


We know Destiny is not done...

We knew that before the first game even came out...

In fact, we knew that the moment they told us there were going to be three installments to the game spanning over 10 years.

For me though non of that really matters. Now the first game is out and we can see the sort of direction the game is going in, I have lost complete interest in it's future.

it is a shame, I mean I was really hyped for it. but boy, what a letdown in terms of it's story and scope and all that.

immoracle2390d ago

Just to comment on the scope aspect, if a four man team can make a near infinite type universe in No Man's Sky (by near infinite I mean, no one will ever be able to see everything), then why couldn't Destiny give us at least 8 planets, with regions to those planets?

GoGoGadge72390d ago

Here is the thing. This game was marketed to us as the bees knees. Then we spent 3 hours with it and knew we had been had.

This game single handedly knocked sense back into me. Wait for a review, and never pay full price. Even with GCU and my amazon discounts.

Its not almost a year since it's release. The game is due for a series re-review before I even consider it. There simply is too much on the horizon for me to even be interested at this point again however.

Same goes for Halo MCC... Still broken. Only game I have for my XboxOne.. I don't play it. I've lost interest. My PS4 is seeing much love however. If Destiny drops to sub 20... I may pick it up just to add it to the collective pile of shit I own.

jdiggitty2390d ago

The expansions are still $30 alone so you'll be waiting a long time to hit the $20 level. I enjoy it but I have a huge clan to play with and we get new players that need help all the time. We play a lot of other things but tend to migrate back to Destiny when other games are done.

Over the weekend I've had 50 friends at any one time in Destiny. Compared to zero in Hardline, 5 in BF4, and 10ish in PLanetside.

GoGoGadge72390d ago

I'm still waiting for PS to let me in. That would be nice.

kurruptor2390d ago

So after 3 hours, which only scratched the surface of the content, you knew you'd been had?

GoGoGadge72390d ago

It was during release. 3 hours is an exaggeration of course. But in the launch window of this game... it was pretty apparent there wasn't a lot there.

freshslicepizza2390d ago

console gamers do not stick around as much as pc gamers do. which makes you wonder why bungie refused to support that platform.

activision was too scared to make this a mmo game with monthly fees so instead they created a large scaled game held back by its potential by removing content to be sold as dlc. that business strategy simply doesn't work. people stop playing and then they feel ripped off through the process because they know content was reserved to sell later. the amount of players online is also scaled way back, probably because they wanted to support last generation consoles too.

jdiggitty2390d ago

Disagree. There are a ton of people playing right now. If what you said were true, they wouldn't have come back. I have 26+ adults on my FL playing this morning before the update patch. There will be over 50 tonight

The_Eternal_one2390d ago

Jumped back on myself last night after not playing for a few months and I'm pretty excited for this dlc. Even though there is no raid I'm still stoked for something new to play, since Batman won't be out for another month and a half this dlc will do just fine.

pompombrum2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Destiny is digital loot crack wrapped up in a souless package. There are those who are still drawn to it but I still think that's probably a low percentage of the overall sales. Of all the people I played with at launch, only two are bothering with the expansion with most more interested in the Witcher and/or have moved on to other games.

I'd be more interested to see how the sequel does. While I still play and enjoy it, almost everyone I've spoken to agrees it was a disappointment and didn't live up to the ridiculously high standards we all set for a Bungie game. I'm interested to see what Bungie will do with the sequel. It's gunplay is up there with the very best FPS games of all time, they just really need to flesh out the experience and actually inject a soul (better storytelling) into the whole experience alongside dramatically increasing the content.

objdadon2390d ago

Destiny has no competition. It's the best fps out. Only the division could potentially rival it, but that's been delayed until next year.

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