Sorry Konami – But Traditional Gaming Matters

With the company that gave us some of mainstream gaming’s most enduring classics seemingly turning its back on the Triple A sphere, Mark Butler argues that the traditional way in which we enjoy our video games should never be shunned or marginalised.

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Dspdspes1274d ago

Couldn't say it better.

shodan741274d ago

It honestly depresses me to think what will happen if Konami just buries the likes of MGS and Silent Hill, and sits on the IPs so no one else never gets the chance to re-visit them. That, and the PT/Silent Hills debacle generally...

BecauseImBatman1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Same here, it is a sad prospect that The Phantom Pain is probably gonna be the last we'll ever see of MGS. One of my all time favorite series...

That is also why I hope it is a really great game, it looks fantastic, hope it lives up to that. So I'm hoping Kojima will send it out with a bang... cause it is the last Metal Gear game.

And on topic yes completely agree with the article, Konami are the one's out of touch. Traditional gaming is important, you just can't get the same depth in terms of storytelling, gameplay, characters etc. in mobile/handheld gaming.

TeamLeaptrade1274d ago

I wonder that too. But if that is to happen, I really expect Kojima and company to start fresh and make new IPs if so. It'll hurt not having anymore MGS or Silent Hill (if it comes to that), but I think the future is bright. I believe Kojima can do so much more now.

Rebel_Scum1274d ago

I can see Konami saying "the future of gaming is mobile" more in the context of people having a Konami pokie machine in their pocket.

Yah the decision is motivated by greed and its a cruel business decision for us all but if they have no passion in video games then meh, I don't want their games.

I'd take 2-3 new studio's coming out of Konami than just Konami being Konami any day of the week.

ravinash1274d ago

The decision to go mobile gaming usually turns round and bites these companies on the arse sooner or later.

Just look at the big names in mobile games - the guys who made angry birds, Candy Crush, Zynga. This pretty much covers all the major games that have come out in the mobile market.
All of them have seen their main game decline and have not been able to replicate it.

Fact is, no one knows what's going to be a hit. and there are so many games out there, that it's going to be an indie making a game like flappy bird than it will be one of the big companies.

There is big money if you get lucky, but playing the lottery is no way to make a living.

KryptoniteTail1274d ago

Traditional gaming isn't leaving, like it or not.

from the beach1274d ago

It's not profitable for them any more so what do you expect them to do, they're not a charity - screw you if you 'can't forgive' them for trying not to go out of business.

Oh, and Konami's legacy is far, far more than just Metal Gear and Silent Hill.

wheresmymonkey1274d ago

Actaully it is still profitable for them. Its just that unfortunately gambling machines and mobile games take a lot less money to make and return much higher margins.

Its all greed. Still although its sad that Konamis ip are proabably all going to get shelved rather than sold. Its not like their original creators cant go and make some thing very similar somewhere else. I mean look at the last month we're getting a new 2d castlevania and banjoe kazooie in everything but name.

from the beach1274d ago

I think we need to think carefully about who is being 'greedy' in all of this.

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