New Battlefield 4 Game Mode, Squad Conquest Will Test Your Teamwork

A new gamemode comes to Battlefield 4 in the near future. The new gamemode will feature the conquest like we know but the only difference is the 5 vs 5 teams instead of the regular 32 players in one team. The new gamemode is called Squad Conquest and is currently in CTE (Consumer Test Enviroment) so it wouldn't take a very long time to be available to the public.

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crazychris41241250d ago

Don't know why they wouldn't go with multiple teams of 5 instead of just 5 v 5. They did it back in bad company 2 n it was good.

Ace Killa 081249d ago

Any ideas of bad company 2 was thrown into the black hole. They obviously don't want to continue on a successful game.

DeadlyFire1249d ago

They did say DICE LA worked on this.

DeadlyFire1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I agree. Even if you want competitive 20 player competitive would have been better. Maybe its just me, but Bad Company 2 has some nice 16 player squad deathmatches with 4v4v4v4. Why can't they try that in BF4. 5v5v5v5 = 20 players. Maybe because the destruction kept that mode interesting and its not in BF4 I am guessing.

I know they are trying hard to find a competitive sport mode for the game with 2 teams against each other. 5v5 is a good sweet spot for most games. For Battlefield it feels like a shot in the foot. Not saying it couldn't be intensive, but I expect more from Battlefield than 5v5. :)

Septic1250d ago

I like the continued support this game is getting. BF4 may have had a troubled start but it is a wicked game and is brimming with content.

Skate-AK1249d ago

That's cool but they are really fragmenting the player base with all the different games made. Gun Master hasn't even launched yet. I rarely can find a Chainlink match. If I do, it is the same map over and over. Need to get those damn Dragon Teeth trophies.