Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0 Update Hitting Early June

TheArabGamer writes: "Square Enix have announced a release window for the their free update to the FF XV demo Episode Duscae: early June. "

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ShockUltraslash1254d ago

They said they will fix the camera and the bad targeting.

Kurisu1254d ago

I best redownload this ready for the update!

I deleted it so that I didn't burn myself out on the game, but I'd like to play it again with the improvements.

NoctisPendragon1253d ago

Are you sure you canr redownload it ?

PlayableGamez1254d ago

Hopefully they fixed the frame-rate issue.

Viryu1254d ago

I quit it quite soon after the first fight against some random soldiers drop down. The combat felt too clunky, even compared to Type 0.

Adrian_v011254d ago

Leave Cidney aloooooneeeee.

Nah seriously, let her dress the way she wants to.

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