Nintendo Wii Fit boards may be sold out by Christmas, shopkeepers fear

Waiting lists for the toys are reportedly growing by up to 1,000 people every day. Websites which track new shipments of the gadgets are getting up to 30,000 visitors every 24 hours. The Wii Fit game, which includes the board, was launched in April and combines playing a computer game with mild exercise.

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kevnb3866d ago

people sure disappoint me if this is true.

Syndicated3866d ago

So after there done stuffing turkey and other fat boy goodies during the holidays they can hop onto the wii fit and hope they will shed the pounds lol. By the time you add up the wii+ accessories and the wii fit, your better off moving your fat butt and investing that money into a gym membership.

hano3866d ago

Nintendo found out that the artificial Wii supply shortage worked for them, so they are trying to repeat and rinse with every new milking device they release.

Of course, the average consumer will now think "Gee, Duh, I need to get some of that stuff before Christmas because I might not find it later. I will be smart and buy it !"