Consoles Aren't Going Anywhere But Big Budget Games Are Dying

With hundreds of millions of console gamers across the globe, the console approach still has a valid market. Yet with news that Alien: Isolation’s 2.11 million sales were deemed “weak” by their publisher, it’s clear that the era of big budget games has had its day.

Alien: Isolation (shown above) is by no means the first of the big budget casualties either, as games like BioShock Infinite, the Tomb Raider reboot and a slew of others have all had budgets that far exceeded the capacity of their final sales.

Even with multi-million unit sales, very few of these big budget games have managed to break-even in recent years.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

I personally blame, >mostly<, the obsession with graphical fidelity and realism for pushing development costs into unreasonable highs.
There are many other factors affecting this, obviously, but I feel chasing the ability to sell through visuals is the biggest culprit.

Those stuck in that perpetual cycle of overinflated budgets should take a note or ten from games like Yooka-Laylee and Splatoon.
There's certainly a market for the realistic aesthetics, but when your focus on making games bigger and prettier limits the number of consoles you can spread out to or how fast/well they can run, as well as increasing your budget to the point where 2M is considered weak sales, that's the point where you're doing it wrong for the sake of chasing what's popular.

They don't need to look THAT realistic or be THAT "big" in production.
There are still plenty of people out there who feel PS3 and 360 graphics are acceptable so long as the game is fun enough, and all three current gen consoles are MORE than capable of putting out graphics that are a mid-sized step up from that without sacrificing anything.
It's only when devs try to push the envelope too far that things get messy and unnecessarily expensive.

Try focusing on that demographic that doesn't demand you push the graphical/realistic envelope for a while, AAA's.
Your budgets will thank you.
And if your ideas are creative and fun enough, so will the wallets of gamers everywhere, even if they don't push the limits of the consoles.

SaveFerris2385d ago

Well I hope that not all developers stop producing AAA games. I mean, what will the point of VR gaming be if the only games available to play on it are candy crush and flappy bird clones?