Why Does The Console Need To Die?

Yesterday, Nintendo made news by announcing that there would be no more news about their “new concept,” the NX, until next year. And then they sent out Splatoon review codes to everyone hoping that we’d all be distracted like children looking at dangling keys to continue to talk about it. Well it worked, and I have little else to say about NX as I’m too busy spewing neon ink everywhere.

But to channel Columbo for a second…just one more thing.

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leogets2388d ago

Agree 100% nothing wrong with console platform at all. Nintendo does need to die tho.

greenmiker2388d ago

Nintendo is the last company who is producing only video games. If Nintendo dies, video gaming will die too.

MysticStrummer2387d ago

"If Nintendo dies, video gaming will die too."

Very silly.

wonderfulmonkeyman2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Nintendo's death would signal a huge down slope for the industry and a general decrease in consumer interest for games that do things differently.
Outside of indies, they're the most creativity-and-fun-first focused company in gaming.
They're certainly the one AAA developer who is most willing to chase what's fun over what's trendy at the time.
The wealth of new ideas in games like Splatoon, and fantastic imagery in the places and creatures of games like Xenoblade X, are exidence enough that Nintendo is still relevant in this industry, no matter what the sales, and the doom-mongers that worship them, say.

Nintendo's the last company that any sane gamer should want to see die.

MysticStrummer2387d ago

I don't want Nintendo to die necessarily, but it wouldn't change a thing in my gaming world if they did. They haven't made a product that interested me since the Super Nintendo.

medman2387d ago

I definitely don't want to see Nintendo die, but their attitude toward gamers and youtubers certainly could use an attitude adjustment.

Concertoine2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )


Alright, that's you. There's 50 million 3ds owners and 10 million wii u owners that say otherwise. Not sure why you'd even show indifference to thousands of jobs being lost and a sizable chunk of the console market being lost just because it doesnt interest you.


This is true, their attitude needs to die,

MisfitsInc2387d ago

Nintendo doesn't need to die, they need to evolve