UGO' Best of E3 08 Awards: Fallout 3, Gears of War 2 & More

Despite moving back to its old stomping grounds in the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 was kinder and gentler than year's past. Crowds were rarely seen and game journalists were, at times, able to form the semblance of a smile by the end of the show...thanks in no small part to some very enjoyable games and a distinct drop in the body odor factor. Anyway, here are UGO's picks for the best of the best of E3 2008.

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MK_Red3742d ago

Awesome awards though I wish Prince of Persia had win something. Still, can't disagree with their choices, special the Game of the Show: FALLOUT 3!

HeroOfCows3742d ago

This is so annoying. I keep hearing about how awesome Fallout 3 is, but it's still 3 months away! I'll be in school again then! Meh! Seriously though, I can't freaking wait for this game.

MK_Red3741d ago

It's indeed hard to wait. All those wonderfull games... Fallout 3. Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia, LBP...

ChampIDC3741d ago

Yeah, it's bad when I'm actually anxious to get back to school because so many good games will be coming out then.

Panthers3741d ago

I really didnt like the way you could pick what part of the body to shoot in Fallout. Will it ever miss when you do that? I mean just shoot them in the head every time. I hope the gameplay goes beyond that.

MK_Red3741d ago

You can aim for the body and never miss but body takes less damage. Head has less contact chance but can blind the enemy.

The body part targetting brings huge strategic depth. If you're facing a stronger and high level enemy, you could keep shooting his/her head till he goes blind or you could should the arms to sever them and remove the arms and then keep shooting the body.

ChampIDC3741d ago

I'm not sure if it's always 100% for a body shot. On the gameplay demos, not one area showed 100%, but I'm pretty sure they had a cheat on for bullets to always hit.

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RAM MAGNUMS3741d ago

now I gotta wait till borderlands.
Its stupid to target the enemy & watch them crumble.
if you are gonna use gore for your game, its gotta be done right.
they say graphics are really good?!?
I don't think so.
it simply looked like a pc game coming to a console near you.
its overrated & to choose it among others really shows you are
a different kind of gamer.
one that falls for the hype.

MK_Red3741d ago

Wow, one huge ignorant fanboyish comment. Hype!? Gears of War, Killzone and others are the ones with hype. Fallout 3 is the only game that its only hype is from awards.

Also, targetting body parts is optional. It can be played like all those dumb generic FPS shooters if the depth and quality of Fallout 3 is too much for one.

Erdrick3741d ago

ever play an fps, mk red? fallout 3 cant be played like one, its too awkward and clunky. the oblivion engine wasn't made for that style of play, the videos are a joke. (enemy ai is retarded, not knowing how to move or use cover or shoot. and with points in weapons skills, you hardly even have to aim! = no fun)

still, i'll take that over the 5 second per bullet cutscene that is "strategy" -its always best to aim for the eyes, where's the strategy in that? or just keep playing fallout 1&2 lol.

the only thing worth buying fallout 3 for is because its "fallout" and will hopefully deliver on some front we haven't seen yet, like story and dialogue or exploration or character development etc. we'll see.

MK_Red3741d ago

As I said, it will play like a generic FPS if you try it the action way. It's not meant to be next Half Life 2 in action.

As for strategy, you will miss 90 percent if you hit the eyes. The strategy comes from the fact that eyes, head and limbs can affect the performance of opponent but have small chance of hit compared to the main body. The only way to always hit the eyes is to have a high Small / other guns skill.

Fallout 3 is all about different ways to play. Its not like Oblivion and TES games were you can be a lot of things at once. Always aiming for eyes tactics only for the one that goes with weapons.

As for the Fallout part, it's actually the lacking part because Bethesda can NEVER even come close to legendary Fallout 1 or 2 in dialogue quality and variety ,chracter developement depth and dark humor.