Nvidia Responds To Witcher 3 GameWorks Controversy, PC Gamers On The Offensive

Nvidia’s GameWorks program has yet again found itself in the headlines owing to its highly polarizing and controversial nature. Before we get into this developing story let’s quickly remind everyone of what GameWorks is and why it has earned its fair share of notoriety since its inception.

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shotime971302d ago

"In fact AMD actively worked to optimize its TressFX technology for Nvidia hardware to the point where it performed equally well on both"
well that just tells me there out to make money that's all that matters. it's like this if you wanna play are games have to buy are expensive hardware! this article goes to show that amd is a company that cares for gamers no matter what gpu you have.......and I know business is cut throat but damn nvida you have the market share by a wide margen!

Snookies121302d ago

Yep, this is exactly why I stick with AMD.

shloobmm31302d ago

Doesn't make any sense. Nvidia woul dbe the way to go since AMD optimizes their tech to run well on Nvidia cards also and not the other way around. Nvidia would give you the best looking and best performing games overall. I have no problems with any of these tactics. It's a business and Nvidia wants the gamer to have a reasonto buy Nvidia based cards. They are already the better cards and their support and drivers are light years better than AMD's.

mikeslemonade1302d ago

Well you get what you pay for. Gee.. sorry guys but you have to spend money to play games.

Marked1302d ago


LOL come on dude. Those with a 700 series (one generation old) have to spend money to make investors happy. WTF are you on...per delusional fan-boyisms. NVIDIA is not only crippling gamers but, their own previous customers.

freshslicepizza1302d ago

what sucks is this is starting to sound like console wars and the consumer is being caught in the middle. nvidia does not want to share its technology and therefore marketing their own video cards as an advantage. amd is going to have to find a way to optimize these games made for nvidia cards.

nintendo back in the day did not share it's resources with third party publishers, which is why their games always looked and ran better. kind of stupid when you are supposed to be trying to sell your hardware but nintendo only cares about themselves.

badz1491301d ago

I am AMD all the way. I like their cards better and they almost always lower priced than nVidias' equivalent. my pc had the 6850 and it has served me well. now that my pc has been stolen, I'm looking to build a new one and I am still going to go with AMD.

what nVidia is doing is just crippling the market. this is nothing like the console war, it's actually a war against consumerism and I hate it! they could have just dominate with superior tech and better quality GPU than AMD but NO, they come up with a dirty solution which is with propriety software and worst of all, pay devs to use it and in turn cripple the performance of the competitor. if THAT is not anti-consumer, I don't know what is.

nVidia scum can keep their overpriced GPU, a little set back in the setups won't sway me to pay extra for your GPU!

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Somebody1302d ago

"well that just tells me there out to make money that's all that matters."
Yes, that is exactly what they are doing. They are companies with products to sell.

As for the AMD versus Nvidia business practices, we're all falling for them. Nvidia is able to enforced such practices because it dominates the market. AMD is offering a lot of technology like TressFX, Mantle, Freesync and APUs for consoles because it's lagging behind. Do you honestly think AMD will be as generous as they now if they're the ones who are dominating the market?

Similarly, Apple is able to make it's software and hardware proprietary because it dominates it's market while Google have to outsource it's Android devices to a lot of third party companies in order to compete.

shotime971301d ago

like I said businssess is cut throat and ultimately they exist to make money. but when you write code that cripples amd gpus it's not right

Erik73571302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

This is why amd has like 5% of the GPU market.... Also if they cared about the gamer they would stop making gous that break on you. The failure rate for AMD GPUs I's astronomically higher than Nvidia.

Marked1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

perpetuating NVIDIA propaganda does not make what you are saying true.

I have owned 1 NVIDIA 560ti and 3 AMD cards. The 560ti tanked in the first 4 months. the AMD cards have survived me and were able to be resold and still running to this day.

Also I have zero issues with drivers...since I'm educated enough to understand registry coding and proper installation.

Oh and I've heard the market share is 40%...overall hardware of course

shotime971301d ago

well I can tell you I have had three amd cards and I have never had any touble out of any of them as for nvidia I cant say as I have never had one. but I do know what your saying is not true.

hiredhelp1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Told people for Ages Nvidia have turned ugly there doing anything they can to take a decent game away from the competitors AMD, They full underhand tactics.
AMD now need to do whats Sony doing Grow spine fight back Nvidia fans say Nvidia faster cards Well this is one the reasons not soo much the hardware but small bit code that effects AMD code to run propally.
After all AMD along with likes of Voodoo GFX was here before Nvidia showed up.

XiMasterChief1302d ago

Speak English please. We are in a English-based website.

hiredhelp1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Sorry for my bad spelling I try my best and do have problem with wording and typing even at the age that I am.
I Did not realise i was being assest today on my "Grammer" which im really bad at specially being that im English myself ironic.
But thats cool cos one skill I do understand that maybe you find hard is RESPECT,I dont pickup on peoples bad typing on here its N4G about gaming peoples comments there say about a article.

Erik73571302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Don't know what langauage you are speaking sir but can you copy and paste both your comments through Google translate to English please?

HammadTheBeast1301d ago

If you're going to criticize someone's grammar, at least make sure yours is on point.

SunnyZ1302d ago

And TressFX on TombRaider worked poorly on my nvidia card.
What's the big deal?

Articuno761302d ago

It worked poorly because it was actually demanding, not because it was a closed standard. Reading the article, in current application Tress FX works almost as well on Nvdia graphics cards as it does AMD as Nvdia had access to the Tress FX code and were able to update their drivers accordingly.

I use Nvdia right now because Nvdia optimised games run like ass on AMD hardware, whereas the reverse isn't the case so much. I don't condone Nvdia's practices, but at the same time I'm a consumer who's primary concern is getting the best performance.

Dynasty20211301d ago


TressFX on Tomb Raider was a killer. The game ran really well for the majority of people, it was well optimized, looked great etc.

I had SLI 770s at the time and TressFX DESTROYED my FPS, turned it into a slideshow. I think a driver came out shortly after release that "fixed" it, but I was still getting less than 30 FPS with it on, and almost 100 with it off (if I remember right).

Tech or no tech, without a dedicated physics card, anything to do with hair is going to murder your performance.

I don't understand Nvidia's approach though. "Here, have this new tech that makes hair all wavy and life-like, THAT OUR OWN FLAGSHIP, MOST POWERFUL CARD AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC STRUGGLES TO RUN IT!"

ninjahunter1302d ago

Seriously? This same thing happened back with Tomb Raider with their Tress FX, they denied nvidia access to the final code until after it was launched. Tress FX may run 'relatively'(It is still obviously slanted in amds favor) well on Nvidia hardware now, but on the initial release, the effect would cut the framerate in half on cards as powerful as the GTX titan.

Nvidias statement on tomb raider:

Articuno761302d ago

Why would AMD spend all the money investing in new tech only to just give it away to the competition? That makes no sense.

What Nvdia is doing here that is different is that they aren't making the tech open ever, under any circumstances. And worse, they appear to be pushing devs to arbitrarily make use of Nvdia specific tech to tank AMD performance in some games.

hiredhelp1302d ago

Very valid point Articuno76.

uth111302d ago

Trying to prevent nVidia from producing proprietary defacto standards would be my guess.

shloobmm31302d ago

Why should they? They want you to have a reason to buy Nvidia cards and Nvidia cards only. It's the way it should be. Nvidias respone should simply be "should have bought an Nivida card.

RedDeadLB1302d ago

All this over one setting ingame.. Sigh.

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