The IGEA Top Ten Chart powered by NPD - Australia Week 19

Project Cars races to number one.

-Project Cars has debuted in the number one spot. It is Bandai Namco's first number one for 2015, and the ninth individual title to do so.
-Project Cars topped both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One charts. It doesn't feature in the PC Games chart this week, with the aforementioned shipping delays a likely cause.
-Xbox One exclusive, State of Decay, which debuted in fourth last week, has dropped out of the Top Ten this week.

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stonecold31250d ago

good to see the order 1886 still in the charts

Bathyj1249d ago

Its nice we're getting these Aussie charts now, even if most of you guys dont care (dont give a rats arse) and theyre little difference in the big scheme of things.

Still good to know whats going on in this wide brown land of ours.

LifeInNZ1249d ago

Minecraft at number 5! I wonder how many units this still sells globally. I also wonder what plans MS has to get everyone to buy it again, i.e. Minecraft 2.0