Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic II Rated for Re-release

The highly regarded Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic has been rated for a re-release.

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Germany71876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Sadly it's for mobile devices, why they don't put both games on "big screen" devices?

chrish19901876d ago

Well, it's rated for Linux and Mac too, so they could be considered "big screen" devices.

But yeah, I get what you mean, I'd love a full on remake on the next-gen consoles, in fact, I'd have been happy with it being on the last-gen, it'd still have been a step up from the original releases.

_-EDMIX-_1876d ago

Agreed. I would like to see both games get a remake in frostbite3 (if EA where to do it anyway, which I assume so since they have the Star Wars license now for games)

I really think Bioware is making KOTOR III!

chrish19901876d ago

I'd slap an angry tiger just to get some sort of hint from bioware. kotor 3 needs to happen.

shadowknight2031875d ago

Not saying this douche i just wanted to friendly let you know gamer to gamer that next gen is now current gen if u are referring to ps4 and xbox one. Anyways, sorry for wasting a reply on this it would have bugged me though lol. Cheers!

Zjet1876d ago

Personally i'd like to see a Star Wars RPG set in the Galactic Civil War ( the original 3 films ) running on the mass effect engine.

Actual real time shooting and lightsaber battles? yes please

Micromanaging menus? not my thing