TGR Preview: Legendary: the Box

"Gryphons, werewolves, minotaurs, and golems: these are all memorable monsters that most gamers have probably squared off against in a heated boss battle at one point or another, but what if all of these magnificent beasts were cast in the same game, set in present day New York City? Throw in an evil cult dedicated to world domination, and you have a whole new way to interact with these brutal icons of folklore. It is this unique scenario that developer Spark Unlimited is planning to deliver with their upcoming FPS, Legendary: the Box."

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cain1413768d ago

I'm really hoping this game is successful.

predator3768d ago

Turning point comes to mind when i think of this. lets hope im wrong

aubradley3768d ago

I'm very curious about this game. Though normally games I'm not completely sold on come out pretty bad.

Erasmus3768d ago

I think the lineup of monsters is pretty neat, and the idea of more modernized ones sounds cool. All that remains now is if it actually plays well.