Think We'll Ever See Dishonored 2?

The original was one of the best games of the previous generation and if Arkane Studios is working on a sequel, that will be VERY big news.

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chrish19901249d ago

Almost definitely. The publisher has shown great confidence in it by giving it the remaster treatment. My guess is we'll see a tidbit this year, not e3, maybe the games show with a may 2016 release date

DivoJones1249d ago

It's not that old of a game either.. not like we're talking about a James Bond game or some other franchise that hasn't been seen in a long time. It was the PS+ game last month.. so I'd expect maybe next year's E3 to have an announcement for it.

G3n3raL861249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

We better see it. Dishonored was a beast of a game.

Relientk771249d ago

I'm hoping to see it at E3

Roccetarius1249d ago

I would say it's almost guranteed. They've had plenty of time to make something for showing off, and i hope to see some more variation in outdoor areas as well as inside. Not to mention giving people options to turn on / off to make it a more challenging game to run.

KryptoniteTail1249d ago

Don't care, but I hope Bethesda's announcement isn't this.

Khajiit861249d ago

Dishonored is one of the best games last gen. Why cant they have this and something else? What was wrong with Dishonored?

Picnic1249d ago

For its mix of gameplay, atmosphere, level design, Dishonored is arguably my game of last generation. Probably because wherereas Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us wanted to threaten me with overwhelming odds and scares, Dishonored allowed me to be in control, to choose from on high on ledges and rooftops or underground, how to navigate the levels without even necessarily needing to kill anyone. The art design was beautiful and they seemed to realise that a huge, brilliantly thought out, level design is more important than polishing every single surface.
The powers are great but it's all about the level design making it interesting to actually use them.

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