Project Cars holds on to UK top spot in weekly charts

Project Cars has held on to the top spot in the UK Weekly charts for a second straight week. Wolfenstein The Old Blood appears in the chart in the number 2 spot with Lego Marvel making an appearance at No.19.

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Bigpappy1254d ago

That was a nice run, but Wither 3 is abut to tae pole position everywhere.

Gilgamesh151254d ago

The Brits really love thier motorsports.

AJ Hartley1254d ago

Home of motorsports that's why.

Fil1011254d ago

Really gd game although I don't care much for the online community at the mo as half of the community seem hell bent on using me as a punch bag instead of actually racing properly.

Don't get me wrong I know rubbing is racing but u can definitely tell the sim racers from the need for speed racers.