PS4 Exclusive Kill Strain Won’t Be Pay to Win; Sony San Diego Focusing on MLB and Games as a Service

Sony San Diego has been working on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Kill Strain, and while the game will be free to play, the studio is keen on promising that it won't be pay to win. In addition to that, everything that is not MLB the Show at Sony San Diego is now focusing on games as a service.

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mikel10151303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Obviously the studio will say they will try to not make the game pay to win. I don't get why people talk about these things to the people making the game. It's not like studios will outright say "Yeah it's pay to win"

Same with Capcom

Same with NCSoft

Same with former SOE with H1Z1

Silly gameAr1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

It's like people rush to be the first to say something negative in some articles. Not everything is pay to win or just a studio trying to pull a fast one for a quick buck. Some examples I can think of are Warframe and DC Universe. You could play those and have a great experience and not have to pay one cent unless you want to.

mikeslemonade1303d ago

Not interested in baseball or games as a service.

mkis0071303d ago

Well gw2 got around it(pay2win) by eliminating the gear treadmill and instead relying on models and skins. Ascended armor (the highest stat tier) can only be crafted by the player using it because it is account bound...some of the base materials are limited to 1 crafted per day...meaning rich players cant just buy gold and get it right away...they have to wait just as long as it would take someone to gather the mats the right way.

Point is possible to make a free2play game without making it buy2play.

ChronoJoe1303d ago

Tribes, Smite League of Legends, Airmech, Dota, TF2... etc etc. All have free to play models that work.

NuggetsOfGod1303d ago

First of all sony is perfect.

MysticStrummer1303d ago

The game looks fun so hopefully they're truthful about it not being pay to win.

FattyBoy3D1303d ago

Its pay to win. H1z1 wasn't supposed to be pay to win either.

SoapShoes1303d ago

Different studios dude...

wegetsignalx1293d ago

H1Z1 is not pay to win. You pay for a supply drop that everyone else is alerted to, and if they kill you for it they get the loot.

You are lying, you do not know if it is "pay to win". You are making things up based on hatred of Sony/PS, not out of any logic or reason.

FattyBoy3D1303d ago

Same industry and same mother company