Arma 3: Star Wars Imperial Assault Mod Could Give Battlefront A Run For Its Money

One Angry Gamer "A new developer diary has released for an upcoming mod and it shows some massive potential that could give DICE and EA a run for their money if things keep progressing in the way that they are. Blue Harvest Interactive has been working on a new mod for Arma 3 called the Star Wars: Imperial Assault mod. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it’s actually of a much higher than you may have been expecting."

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Kavorklestein2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Oh brother. I'm sure dice is shaking in their boots XD

Ike_Broflovski2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

While this is cool and I have been messing around with it. It is very limited and won't ever be something that DICE or EA has to worry about.

There are also HALO mods for ARMA 3 but the same thing applies. Still very limited and won't go very far.

The biggest thing wrong with ARMA 3 that will stop it being great along with all the mods. Is that the game still doesn't do full 64 bit support or multi core support. Performance online in a 60 player server with a monster rig crawls to a slow FPS mess due to above issues not making the game run right.


ARMA 4 anyone? with 64 bit and multicore support please?

I play KOTH in ARMA 3 on my PC, I max the settings and get 90FPS in single player, when I join a 60 or 80 player server i'll get around 15-20. It's sad.

Kavorklestein2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

Yeah, I mean I repect the work people are putting into it, but it's just too basic and plain to be much more than a look at it once, and forget about it kind of thing.

DivoJones2385d ago

Well it's also likely that Disney/Lucasarts will sue them and have it shut down. It won't stop it since it's the Internet and nothing is ever removed entirely, but Disney paid a premium to own Star Wars and I wouldn't be surprised to see a cease and desist very soon.

crazychris41242386d ago

lol that last video is hilarious

LOL_WUT2386d ago

This is the only game that makes me want to get a dedicated gaming pc. This looks like it'll be fun to play once its all done ;)

RealFry2386d ago

I hope they have permisison for this, otherwise EA or DICE might get smart and try to block development.

DarkBlood2386d ago

Im not sure they really need consent for a mod if its free

OrangePowerz2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Even if a mod is free Disney could order a cease and desist as they own the IP and if they feel that it devalues the IP or impacts it negatively in any other way they can get it shut down. They don't even have to give you a reason because it's their IP. Unless you go to court and claim that it's under the fair use law, in that case they do need to give a reason and convince the court that the reason is valid. But who would have the time and money to go to court with Disney over a mod?

I worked in the past on a few mods based on IPs that got shut down because the IP holder didn't want the mod to be released for whatever reason.

I don't think that EA or DICE could block it themselves since they only licensed it from Disney and Disney is the owner.

Perjoss2385d ago

As with most things in life, as long as this doesn't get too popular they should easily avoid any Imperial entanglements.

Trunkz Jr2385d ago

Anyone Remember BidForPower DBZ mod for Quake III?

They simply changed all the models, attack names and released, then ppl could download the DBZ models and sound effects, etc and make it back to DBZ again.