The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – PC Ultra vs. PS4 Detailed Graphics Comparison

Take a look at how the two compare.

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SeanScythe1251d ago

Wow so glad I own a PS4 and a Gaming PC. Also so glad the PS4 version looks awesome because that's what I'm getting this on. My PC is mainly used to back up my phone now a days.

T9001251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Reservations i have for this comparison, they dont mention AA method used on PC version. PC with right settings can go alot higher. Within this comparison i see jags on both the versions, PC version can easily overcome this with a higher setting.

Differences i noticed though minor:

PC version has better Ambient Occlusion.
PC version has more Foliage Visibility.
Nvidia Hairworks advantage is subjective i liked both the effects.

I feel the PS4 version is lacking AF this needs to be confirmed if there is any at all.

PC version has higher grass density.
PC version has slightly better light shafts,
PC version has slightly better shadow quality,
PC version has better water quality.

All of this is close they have done a good job on the PS4 version.

Remaining concerns are the frame pacing issues on consoles. There are reports of PS4 suffering more from this even after the patch. This gives PC good leverage.

Lastly for those who have high end PCs i feel you can really make the game look apart with DSR like technologies. Also i hope we get to see good modding scene for this game.

Something for PC gamer to consider:

Files from the Gog version of the game indicate many settings can be upped with XML file changes:

"The game will feature “Uber” textures that will be 2048×2048 in size. Moreover, Grass Density can also be increased to “Uber” quality, as well as Foliage Visibility, Shadow distance scaling and Water tessellation. Moreover, the game will support NVIDIA’s HBAO technique."

So really what we see here isnt the end of the road for the PC version, not to mention mods.

SeanScythe1251d ago

Geez dude I'm so glad I'm not in your boat, I get the game tuesday and get to enjoy it the same day. For you it sounds like you will get it but won't enjoy it until it's modded to death and you find all these file changes and upgrade your system enough to make it what you had your hopes for. So while I'm enjoying the hell out of my PS4 version you will be waiting months to enjoy it. I feel sorry for you.

T9001251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


I have a Titan X sli dont think ill be needing upgrades :P

Though yea ill enjoy the game at launch(that is if i do decide to purchase it), modding playing around with files just is part and parcel of PC gaming. Did it with Skyrim will do with this game too.

How else do you think people still play Skyrim on the PC while its been dead on console years ago. Same goes for Witcher people still plat it till this day.

NukaCola1251d ago

This is truly a testament to CDPR's incredible ability to deliver such a gorgeous and technical masterpiece on cobsole that is equivalent to PC on many pages. Yes the PC version wins, but to see a solid game on console with 90% equality in visuals is outstanding. We know that console gamers won't be getting a stepchild version but a near highend pC experience.

Roccetarius1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

@NukaCola, the only reason it's so close visually is because it was done on purpose. This is what one build development does to a game, while having a team large enough to develop seperate versions will show the true differences.

The thing is, CDPR is too small and opted for the former option. As it is right now, this isn't even close to their technical ability. In other words that means people still got shafted.

reynod1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


True PC gamers who were the reason this franchise even exists got a bad deal and honestly its not something console gamers should be happy about either.

I am going to say it again. PC and Console go hand and hand they both need each other. However when games are developed they should be developed for the PC first, then turned down for console purpose.

The reason i say this is because if games were to stop pushing PC hardware. PC gamers would soon stop upgrading. This would result in Nvidia and AMD(AMD is already in very bad shape) not getting enough sales for research purposes. They would either go out of business or just not develop newer hardware.

In the end this would come back to bite the console maker, whom when looking to make the next console will need to research all the hardware. Over the past few gens console makers have gotten a free ride when it comes to hardware research they tend to take it straight from the PC. Its all great they get the tech cheap and console gamers get to enjoy amazing graphics. The only console maker in these past few gens that has even tried to do some R&D is Sony with their Cell chip. All of us know how that worked for them. They had to spend billion of USD on the R&D. Sony made many losses that gen and console gamers ended up with a 600usd console.

So really PC gaming not being pushed is bad for the entire industry. Its a loss loss situation for everyone. I dont think console gamers would like to see their next console at 600usd and not as innovative either, neither do PC gamers want to see their hardware not being used to its limit. Solution is for games to be developed on PC then cut down from there depending on how powerful whichever console is.

Ike_Broflovski1251d ago

Looks to me like parity has got in the way of the PC version being the best it could possibly be.

Wii_nes_0071251d ago

Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure.

MRMagoo1231251d ago

Grats you paid around $2500 on just 2 video cards to get a slight increase in AA on the witcher 3 compared to a $400 console lmao. I have the game on my pc waiting to play but I am under no delusions as the the fact the game looks pretty much as good on console.

T9001251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


Doesnt work that way. I didnt buy those GPUs just for Witcher 3.

I previously had 2x Titan Z, so quad sli. I bought those from Ebay at 1200usd each. I sold them for pretty much the same price and bought 2x Titan X's.

Next time i upgrade ill again sell the Titan X's, Titans hold on to their value very well over time. When i sell them maybe in 2 years ill probably end up getting 700-800usd back for each of them. Then again upgrade to the next best thing.

Get a real Job or start a Business, the money is nothing really. If i did play Witcher 3 i might play it with DSR around a resolution of 6880 * 2880 so yea.

I wouldnt game on a 400usd console to begin with, so giving me that reference is silly. I have over 200 games on steam. How much would i have to pay to get that on the 400usd console if at all i can get all that on the console.

mikeslemonade1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I agree more with Mr Magoon than T900.

The main point you got wrong, T900, is that I can sell or trade in all those games I bought on console. It will always be more cost efficient on console. You just have to be smarter and utilize your assets if money saving is your objective. Now if you get the games through illegal means on PC then sure you will win on that argumentative point too. However you mentioned Steam, and I cannot trade in my games at Steam. I bought GTAV on discount at $45 for example but I sure want to trade it back it in as I'm likely to play it very little from this point forward.

Also saying you play games like Skyrim and Witcher 2 still, that's not really a plus cause the console gamer is playing new games that look really good too.

I will be playing Witcher 3 on PC and I already know I will hard time seeing the improvements over the console. The main thing I will see different is better AA. Everything else is pretty marginal.

At the end of the day Witcher 3 is another victim of parity for the PC.

cayleee1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


I have about 150 games on Steam, most bought on discounts maybe at prices of 5-10usd. Its a huge collection. I would agree with T900, you wont get that collection on console to begin with. Since console libraries are too small.

Besides hes sporting such a high end setup i doubt he cares about selling or trading his games library.

freshslicepizza1251d ago

the popularity of consoles (mostly the ps4 in this case) has shown where the priority lies.

it's amazing how so many can get caught up in the parity in consoles because they are advocates of the console wars but don't share the same attitude when it comes to the pc all because they don't really care about that platform.

carcarias1251d ago

Ah, the gaming community at it's finest.

A guy states objective facts, doesn't insult anyone, compliments and is happy for people using other platforms.....and still gets a ton of downvotes.

Minimox161250d ago

@ cayleee

I got like 200 games in ps3, and my download list (including, Psone, ps3, ps4, dlc and vita) its aroung 1,800 items x_X!

yeah console dont have that much of "games".. right

1250d ago
iluvmaPS31250d ago

Its crazy that Ps4 is still competing with PC. I was really impressed you could get the same BF4 experience on PS4 as PC. I thought by now PC would be WELL ahead of PS4 but other than very specific minor details like you said it looks like im gonna enjoy the same experience as the same guys who spend over 5 grand on their equipment to play it at super ultra magnificent settings. Just cool IMO. And youre wrong about Skyrim. I still play that on my ps3 lol. Just waiting for the HD remake for PS4 hopefully somday. But Fallout 4 is this year so Im happy

Avin19731250d ago

While I agree with some t900 points, as i play both on PC and ps4, number of games in steam?

Whats the point? Buying games you never play? I have tons of them on my account.

Its an illusion: most People spend more time Buying games than playing on Steam, per Steam itself.

Kingscorpion711250d ago

Ummm it's suppose too! What makes console so great is the install base and they get more games :)

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Azzanation1251d ago

There's no contest when comparing PC to consoles. There are way more advantages and thats not including the 60 frames (if your PC can run it) but that's the best thing about PC gaming. Your games are future proof and cheaper to buy. The PS4 and XB1 versions still look great but it would take more then twice the power of the PS4 and XB1to Render what the PC is doing. Remember from 30 to 60 frames theres twice the power alone, thats not including anything else like 4k, MSAAx8, AFx16, shadows, lighting, physics, draw distance etc. There might not be much of a difference to the naked eye but that extra processing power is there.

on_line_forever1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

this is ridiculous

NVIDIA and AMD must tell those developers to make PC version looks better and when i say better i mean really better not slightly .

or we PC gamer will not upgrade and buy their cards .

we don't build our PC with much money to get our PC version Downgrade like this .

gedapeleda1251d ago

>graphic comparison
choose one

Madock1251d ago

you are not counting 4K on PC (so quadruple the pixels on the video comparison u just saw)
Make this comparison stupid

peshkavusCA1251d ago

I love ps4 too but damn you're loyalty to PS is up there.

Khajiit861251d ago

IS your gaming PC still good? I own both and theres no way I would get Witcher 3 for my PS4 when I can buy Witcher 3 for under $40 and it will look better on my PC.

SeanScythe1250d ago

Yeah it is, I just enjoy getting the game and not having to worry if I've updated everything. I rather my dualshock4 controller over m/k. And all of my friends are on ps4.

Khajiit861250d ago

Cool but its not a MP game and Ill be playing it with my DS4 as well on my PC.

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DonkeyDoner1251d ago

look at ps4 horse hair lol "nvidia hairworks"

ritsuka6661251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Look the Ambient oclusion and hair Nvidia effects bro. You are in denial cause PC version is superior.

Eddie201011251d ago

PC version is superior but I don't think anyone would feel cheated or inferior if they bought the PS4 version. PS4 version looking pretty good, very close to PC version, great job CDproject.

methegreatone1251d ago

Great job on getting the PS4 version looking good. Good job on the game, because clearly people love it.

Bad job on going for parity with the PC version. Axing so many features even on PC, because, who knows, extra graphic options might hurt someone, right ?

This just in, all those screenspace reflections removed entirely. Which is fine, if that's what's need for a stable 30 fps on consoles.
Option on PC to retain it ? Nope. Why ? Donno. If they're doing it for parity sake it's absolutely retarded - I can tell you that much.

More options on PC = win win situation.More PC gamers are happy. Consoles gamers are unaffected. What's the problem with it ?

The MGS5 Ground Zeroes PC port puts CDPR to shame here, and this was a game that wasn't even coming to PC earlier.

NuggetsOfGod1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

This how dumb console gamers can be.

Take 2013 pc. Downgrade.

Ps4 is just as good as pc! Good job cdpr! :)

Amazing Optimization!

Lol pc master race? Lolz

_-EDMIX-_1251d ago

Agreed. Besides the horse hair, it looks really, really close. I'm getting this on PS4 and feel quite fine with my choice. I'm at the point where I don't even see me getting this on PC down the line when I eventually upgrade.

There is a difference if your looking for it, but its really, really small and not enough to change versions.

ONESHOTV21251d ago

just say you weren't going to get it on pc in the first place stop posing plz.

Imalwaysright1251d ago

What ONESHOTV2 said. Who in their right mind would play this game on consoles when the choices that were made in the 2 previous games carry on to the third and when you can pay less for the PC version that will most likely get the enhancement treatment and can be improved with mods?

_-EDMIX-_1251d ago

@imalways- I have a HD5770....PC isn't just one thing you know, we all don't have the same builds. I don't even think my PC can even play this game on low.



"when I eventually upgrade" ie I plan to upgrade as my PC isn't near the specs to play Witcher 3 at all....but clearly my PS4 is.

and it would be high settings for PS4 and XONE anyway, a setting even if my PC could play it...would not even been seeing.

As someone who owns both PC and PS4, I have my reasons for why I'm going PS4 with this title.

I really, really suggest many on here sit back and really understand that people who game on PC...are gamers JUST LIKE YOU, people who game on console...are gamers JUST LIKE YOU! Having a PC doesn't by default mean I'm getting it on know not of my system specs.

SO..."Who in their right mind" Someone who can't play it on PC at even modest settings, someone who owns a PS4 and someone who clearly knows those choices can be brought over as just like Mass Effect, you choose the choices made.

(whats in the beginning of Mass Effect 2 on PC, you just tell them the choices you made anyway....just like if you never played 1.....I played 1 and still had to do that LOL! Its not as big of a deal as you might think, it really isn't)

I'll just do the little video in the beginning of Witcher 3 and call it a day lol.

"you can pay less for the PC version"

Both versions are discounted of per-bought as a download on Steam and PSN (not sure about XBL)

Mind you...I can likely get it used even CHEAPER in a month or so after release...

Again....we are all gamers, we all want great quality....the PC I own won't let me even play this game let alone with great quality, my PS4 will day 1, thus...that is the system I'm going with currently again...I own Witcher 1 and 2 on PC lol. Again...we are all gamers, stop labeling, generalizing and over all assuming what is better, best, worst etc for gamers. Everyone doesn't have the same situation.

and who ever is getting it on PC....add me on Steam @ Edmix_the_shogun, I would love to see some folks screens over Steam, add me on PSN too as I might be watching some streams on PSN too.


Imalwaysright1251d ago

PC version can be bought for €30.

How much is the discount on the PSN sale?

If you played the last 2 previous Witcher games you would know that the choices you make have a real impact on the game's world especially on The Witcher 2 where the second part of the game is completely different depending on the choices you make in the 1st part of the game. CDPR isn't Bioware. The choices you made in Mass effect were an illusion and were rendered useless after that laughable joke of a "choose your ending" choice.

You're not playing the PC version because your PC can't handle it. It isn't because your "quite fine" with your "choice". You don't have a choice.

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Vegamyster1251d ago

The texture pop/fade in is the biggest difference outside of framerate/HBAO/Hairworks, check out the trees on the right side at 1:00.

bleedsoe9mm1251d ago

the 3 versions are almost indistinguishable if you ask me

Nicolee1251d ago

Without Comparison next to each other it would look identical . no wonder why PC Master Race get so angry .

iluvmaPS31250d ago

LOL yup they paid well over 5 thousand dollars and they are basically getting the same game as me who paid 500 for mine. (psn subscription)

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user74029311251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

looks the same.

PraxxtorCruel1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Are you sure? Everyone is always clearly able to distinguish the differences between XB1 & PS4. Should be much more apparent now that it is against a PC. Look a littler closer this time.

TedCruzsTaint1251d ago

It doesn't. And even then, it doesn't exactly live up to what the PC version was supposed to end up being.

Let that one sink in, being that the PS4 is such a "beast" and all.

iNathan1251d ago

DriveClub and Order making Pc Games look bad, now Witcher 3 cant take the crown on Pc.

LOL Pc Master Race indeed haha

Looking great on Ps4 as always!

cayleee1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I wouldnt celebrate yet, reportedly PS4 version has the worst frame pacing issue of the 2 consoles, a problem PC doesnt suffer from. Specially when casting spells. Happens even post patch sooo...

Ike_Broflovski1251d ago

Dont worry he will have one bubble soon enough and most his comments will be marked as trolling.

poor_cus_of_games1251d ago

Actually you're wrong. The xbox version has the worst frame rate.

MasterCornholio1251d ago

Well I read that the Xbox One version has the worst issues with framerate.

I guess we will have to wait for Eurogamers comparison for the truth.

Str8Chaos741251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

It will take a while, PS4 fanboys, even if clueless, last a while here.

ONESHOTV21251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

lol drive club and the order lol very funny i wonder why i never bought a ps4 yet. i guess those 2 games answer it.btw i do own a pc ps3 and vita so no fanboy business here.

iNFAMOUZ11251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

they had to downgrade the pc version because of the consoles, so of course its going to look identical durr, whats even funnier though is that the pc version is still much more superior than the ps4 version considering the massive downgrade. Still not going to waste my money on this game, i dont support such massive downgrades

comebackkid98911251d ago

Perhaps spoiling the minority of pc gamers capable of observing subatomic differences proved a frivolous venture?

TedCruzsTaint1251d ago

Which would be fine (arguably), if they had said as much.
Instead what they did was use clever wording, and even blatant lies, to tell any potential customer that the PC version was going to be leaps and bounds better than that seen on console.

They went so far as to hold PC review code up until just before release, as well as try to get rid of any real evidence of the PC version they were shopping, though not delivering.

They were purposely deceptive to anyone looking towards the PC version, and they deserve to be called out just like any other.

methegreatone1251d ago

LOL. You really have no idea do you ? xD Just how many features have been axed/toned down completely.

Oh, and another recent confirmation - screenspace reflections removed entirely from the game. No more reflections in the swamps, at all xD. No more reflections on puddles and wet ground either. Just ugly cubemaps. No downgrade though. It's just youtube compression. Besides, I'm sure the difference is 'subatomic' anyway.

"Perhaps spoiling the minority of pc gamers capable of observing subatomic differences proved a frivolous venture?"

Providing options on PC to retain such features is a 'frivolous venture' ? What you are saying makes so much sense.

Downgrading the PC version along with consoles, when you can clearly provide some extra options on PC for these features, is just plain stupid. If they are doing this because "We want the same experience across all platforms", then they are starting to adopt what is known as Retard Logic.

Sincerely hope that's not the actual reason.

comebackkid98911251d ago

You guys throw the same tantrum every release date. Why should CDPR care?

LamerTamer1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

They didn't HAVE to downgrade it, they chose to. It is very unfortunate. To me devs should take advantage of the hardware. Make it for a high end PC, then hack away at effects until it runs on the consoles. If that means a high end PC looks 1000x better than he PS4 they should still do it. Creating for the lowest common denominator is a crap practice. I say this and I game on the PS4 as I don't have a gaming rig yet. I know the PS4 is far inferior graphically but I hate playing games with a keyboard but that is just me. Still I know I would be pissed if I built a monster rig only to have games downgraded.