Raging Justice "Coming soon" to Xbox One, PC, Mobile

Indie developer MakinGames has just announced that their upcoming 2D brawler, Raging Justice, is "coming soon" to the Xbox One, PC, and mobile.

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Godz Kastro1275d ago

I was just tells my Xbox friends how I miss 2D brawlers and would welcome one with online co op.

Yi-Long1275d ago

I miss 2D brawlers as well, but this just looks really really poor. Terrible animation which was barely acceptable 10-15 years ago.

I truly wish we'd see a gorgeous looking 2D sprite-based brawler again, or perhaps with that fantastic 3d cellshaded engine that Guilty Gear now uses.

StrayaKNT1275d ago

Can't wait for this game, looks so cool.

diesoft1275d ago

I loved these games back in the day. I would love for some great ones to come out now but I'm not sure about this one. Hell, I think even some arkham-style combat would be pretty fun in a 2d plane, too.

I'm not so sure about this one. I would love to be proven wrong! I want good games.

LAWSON721275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

No there have always been crappy games on XBLA, except maybe in the very early stages. They just were not as noticeable on the old store, and with the new openness XboxID has there are bound to be some bad quality games. More open development, more crap you will find. Look at Steam it is a forefront for indie games but still is full of loads and loads of crap.

KiwiViper851275d ago

Ye im more talking about the Xbox One store beign jammed with crap now.

isarai1275d ago

Ok i was super hyped till i seen the gameplay. I mean i'm DYING for these to return but seriously WTF is with the weak ass animations? Especially seeing as how it's using sprites it's not like they have to animate a complex character rig, it's literally just a few poses to animate the sprites.