5 Publishers That Have Totally Stopped Giving a Crap

"Sometimes, a developer or publisher says something, and all you can do is shake your head and go, '…What?' Other times, they pull some business move that leaves us all scratching our heads. These five publishers have become masters of both lately. They’ve alienated customers all while wondering while their revenue streams slow down." -PSLS

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knifefight1250d ago

The Sega of today is sadly in no condition to produce something the caliber of Skies of Arcadia.

And that's a drag.

princejb1341250d ago

sadly not giving a crap about fans is going to be their downfall

mikeslemonade1250d ago

I blame gamers who vote with their dollars the dumb way. I don't even wanna hear some of you speak. You guys who think you will get more games by not supporting them?? Yea don't even complain.

GordonKnight1249d ago


You need to blame commercialism. It targets the casual gamer. You know the average consumer that doesn't research products before purchasing. It's sad but that is what the mainstream brings along with all the big money budgets.

This is why I love the Indie games. Developers with no publishers press is a beautiful thing.

reaper6021250d ago

Segas not but they own Atlus now so Sega should let Atlus give Skies a try.Will that happen?With the way Sega is managed nowadays probably not.

donwel1250d ago

Sega did say when they acquired Atlus that their IPs were open to Atlus should they want to have a crack at any of them, so there is some hope.

nunley331250d ago

they have been hands off with atlus and letting them operate as they had before, so that's good. atlus making skies would be stellar.

Magicite1250d ago

sadly sega, konami and capcom have lost their greatness.

CLOUD19831249d ago

Forget to mention the worst of them, Square, they haven't create a game worth playing since FFX, FFX-2 was bad, FFXII was bad, FFXIII & the 2 sequels was terribad, the new Parasite Eve was garbage, for the past 14 years since FFX & since they merge with ENIX they create one trash game after another, if we exclude DQVIII which is not Square's IP but ENIX every Square game they did since FFX was disappointing.

JacketsNest1011250d ago

They should sell it to nintendo.

forgetmenot1249d ago

Nintendo has alot of ips under it belt as well but do little to nothing with them.
MARIO,MARIO,could i interest you in some more MARIO!

diesoft1250d ago

The worst part is that they could just port some games and I know I'd buy a few. I've never got a chance to check out shenmue, skies of arcadia, stuff like that. Is it on steam? XBA? PSN? Come one, sega...

DarXyde1249d ago

It all depends on where Sega tries their hand in my opinion. Sonic games from my understanding are making *some* progress, but Valkyria Chronicles and Skies of Arcadia are just awesome. I also still enjoy the Yakuza games. I think Sega still has the magic in there, they just really need to start using it more.

addictedtochaos1249d ago

They should let Atlus do a Skies of Arcadia.

_-EDMIX-_1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Sega bought Relic after THQ closed down, Atlus after they where in financial trouble and many other teams. They've made the best decisions for their company to stay a float compared to Square or Capcom or clearly Konami.

Sega has made great TRUE Japanese games, Valkyrie Chronicles, Yakuza, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Mad World, Hatsune Miku series, Vitura fighter and many more. This company not only found a balance...they've been able to BUY more teams doing this as suppose to wasting money outsourcing, trying to appeal to the west etc.

Capcom has teams working on games that they've never worked on before, lost lots of money on RE6 with their 600 man team, lost money on Lost Planet 3 outsourcing it causing the team to close down and even suggested they where open to having their ips bought!

Sooo...they are not doing right by gamers and clearly they are paying for such actions.

Square Enix. They did a great job buying Edios and thats it. Last gen they did pretty poorly and I really wouldn't want to see a repeat of that EVER, I only own 1 Square games from last gen that is actually new Bravely Default. Didn't even waste my time with XIII.

They spent lots of time trying to appeal to the west....and saw loses because of that. but they over all could have done way, way better last gen. infamous 10 year development they will make back over the course of many, many long years after a port to PC, then likely after a PS5, 6 port etc, who knows how much was lost during that development.

...don't even get me started on Konami..I don't even need a link for that train wreck.

From buying Atlus, to buying Relic, to Aliens Isolation, to Yakuza, to the Total War series etc....I would believe Sega would be the last Japanese publisher many should be worrying about. They've been a bit more stable then most. They've developed risky games, without trying to go over budget and even trying to release all games world wide just because. I like Yakuza more then the next guy, but I'm happy they made a lot while being profitable vs just releasing it world wide and being forced to close down or anything. They made smart moves, they are focusing on areas they are good at and not trying to force themselves into a bad spot financially.

I get it, it sucks many didn't get to play Yakuza Kenzan, 5, Valkyrie Chronicles 3 etc. But I'd rather Sega do that and port later if their is a chance, then go bankrupt making silly decisions. As much as I LOVE those series....we JRPG fans know.....they don't do amazing numbers all the time. Those choices may very well be why Sega is still around. I would really, really suggest many actually look up how Sega has been doing before assuming they don't care or are doing badly. Buying teams...doesn't sound like doing badly, lol 7 plus Yakuza games....doesn't sound like doing badly.

Don't waste time reading those "Sega moving toward PC and mobile" as ....many publishers are. Nintendo are, Square is etc. That doesn't mean they are no longer making console games as....they are clearly still making console games, ie Persona 5.

We don't see a Shenmue 3 from em either but that doesn't mean they can't lol. You know how many games we could say this about from any publisher? ie Dark Cloud 3, Baten Kaitos 2, Vagrant Story 2, Legend Of Dragoon lol. I mean..the list goes on.

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dark-kyon1250d ago

Square enix is garbage,only square exist for me,don't care about his games anymore.

BG115791250d ago

That moment of overjoy when SE announces the remake of FF7 for the PS4 and Xbone. Just to be killed with the nature of the adaptation, it was the adaptation of the port of the PC version...

TXIDarkAvenger1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

EA isn't that bad anymore.

EDIT* nvm it was EA Sports in the article but point still stands.

OmegaShen1250d ago

Battlefield says otherwise.

TXIDarkAvenger1250d ago

In the past year? there not as bad as before. Anyone who says otherwise is just circlejerking the EA hate.

OmegaShen1250d ago

Yes, because letting people by in game stuff, netcode and all. So makes them good.

SegaGamer1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Well it's looking like Battlefront is going to have less features than Battlefront 2. And i can see a whole lot of DLC being released for it.

The Sims 4 has been a disaster and EA also ruined Ultimate team for Fifa players.

They aren't exactly improving.

Gamer19821249d ago

Battlefront is going to be battlefield Star wars with a TON of DLC to milk it to the hilt. While sims has gone downhill Battlefield actually did okay with the latest release. It has at least tried something new and released a lot more stable this time around and EA have finally got that 120hz working on beta servers. Meaning we are going to get a better experience online very soon!

ManAnimalX1249d ago


" EA isn't that bad anymore. "


Fauxfire1250d ago

This article made me depressed and nostalgic :(

r3f1cul1249d ago

exactly what i was thinking as well :'(

Eiyuuou1250d ago

In (minor) defense of Square Enix, it's kinda hard to listen to the fanbase when it's so terribly divided...

They are doing good now since FFXIV ARR. Hope it lasts.

RpgSama1250d ago

I think we are starting to see a new direction for Square Enix this generation, hope i'm not wrong, about the only mistake they made was the tumble with the FFVII announcement, I think they didn't even realize that people would take them so literal for those few seconds.

DragonKnight1250d ago

The entire FFXIII trilogy was the mistake. SE are not at the point of no return. They just need to get their collective heads out of their collective rears and at least TRY making an FF game the way they used to. If it doesn't sell, then they can use that as leverage to say "look, we tried to go back to our roots but it didn't work."

Eiyuuou1249d ago

The new direction they went with FFXV is a nice experiment, but as much as I like action RPG's, I'd like to have a little variation and have the next one more similar to its roots. I'd kill for something similar to IX.

DragonKnight1249d ago

See, I like FFIX even though the character design kept me from really getting into the game. I had a hard time seeing Zidane or Dagger as adults when they looked like they could be the little people that were in Wizard of Oz. But overall that game was excellent, particularly the world itself.

DarkBlood1249d ago

Id kill for something like ff9 or a tactics game at the very least

nitus101249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Square/Enix used quite allot of FFX IP for FFXIII and both were pretty much on rails until near the end and instead of basic turn base made it fully active but allowed the player to rapidly select specific actions (ie. paradimes) which were conceptionally similar to the "gambit" and "licensing" system of FFXII.

Going back to your roots may work however many gamers look at so called classic games through rose tinted glasses and are usually disappointed on a game that is very similar to an older but in its day popular game.

IMHO of all the FF games only FFXII had a more open world design (obviously within reason). Of course stray outside some of the sandbox areas which could be quite large and even with "micro management" (you could actually do this) like you can see in all turn based games and your party was quickly wiped out.

One major feature of FFXII was the fight area. Basically you fought in the area you were in when you contacted the enemy and did not move to a battle area like you do in all other FF games (excluding FFXIV and FFXV).

As far as story goes all FF games had a story, some better then others but a decent story none the less.

While most people are aware of the FF games Square/Enix also makes other types of games and some of them are quite good.

See the following for more info:

Note: I don't really count the publisher (SE does that as well) as a developer.

r3f1cul1249d ago

i have no rose tinted glasses about it at all... i love turn based rpg's and i love them because of final fantasy, and i still love mostly all of them to this day, child of light, south park stick of truth, costume quest 2, pier solar... i buy, play and enjoy the hell out of all of them, and sadly it is but a memory for final fantasy now, im kinda sad for people who didnt get to play those or for people who apparently hate turn based because they are too add to realize just how great and enjoyable turn based is with an amazing story and awesome characters that evolve instead of just bland explosions and constant action action action everywhere all the time... but thats just my two cents i guess :/

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