Videogame albums: yay or nay?

Present-day developments in videogame albums is one of the central topics of the latest edition of the Nobuooo video update. The July installment includes the participation of four websites, recounting some of the highlights in soundtracks for this past month. Individual segments touch on the Siliconera interview with Echochrome composer Hideki Sakamoto, information on an upcoming arranged album of music from The World Ends With You narrated by Jérémie of Squaremusic, a Q&A with Richard Jacques conducted by Brandon Sheffield of Gamasutra as described by Anthony of GameMusic4All, and a review of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 original soundtrack by Simon of Higher Plain Music.

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RecSpec3741d ago

That TWEWY Arrange album looks pretty awesome...but those things are so damn expensive.

Jamie Foxx3741d ago

were amazing there was something there for eveyone

P4KY B3741d ago

Surpassing most movie soundtracks.

X3740d ago

Castlevania Symphony of the Night OST is still one of my favorite CDs.