Platinum hinting of work on Metroid franchise?

The above is a tweet spotted by Tmann26, we are all curious as to whether it is simply a Bayo promotion, or if it is something along the lines of a new collaboration between Platinum and Nintendo beyond Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101.

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Concertoine1253d ago

Lol, no. They were making a joke.

I doubt Nintendo has any intention to partner with Platinum anymore, their games didn't sell very well. Maybe on Star Fox... but probably not.

Transistor1253d ago

If Nintendo funded it they would.

But, I think they're currently working on Xbox One and PS4 on separate projects, so they wouldn't be able to take on another project yet.

mikel10151253d ago

Have any proof of a PS4 project? I've never heard of it

Transistor1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

From Dengeki PlayStation.

Hashimoto Yusuke (Platinum Games) - A new title is currently in progress

Crimzon1253d ago

I really do hope that's true and that Platinum Games are working on a PS4 exclusive. Those are the exact type of developers that Sony should be funding.

Big_Game_Hunters1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

The never said it was a PS4 game, The interviewer asked what they were working on, be it on playstation or not. I'm sure they are working in revengence 2 though for Xone,Ps4,PC.

Transistor1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Every other game on that list is a PlayStation exclusive, the Sega game will be announced at E3, the rest you should know.I'm done talking about this here. This is about the Wii U, I was just pointing out they're busy.

Erik73571253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

The fact that half the comments on here are about platinum games making games for ps4/xbox one shows how little we care for the Wii-U LOL

On topic: I wouldn't see them making a good modern metriod game at allll. If they did make one it would be more like the classic ones and not the first person ones.

bouzebbal1253d ago

Platinum, please bring back Vanquish

mikeslemonade1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

They making Scalebound for X1. I hope platinum and third party refuse to work with Nintendo because Nintendo hurts the potential of games. They bottleneck graphics and online.

Anything that was third party for the WiiU would have been better on current gen spec hardware. And that's the fact you will have to accept.

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eyeofcore1253d ago

Maybe you're right though do they regularly post their jokes on twitter like on Facebook?

Platinum Games is an excellent candidate for Metroid due to now their game engine being moderately/well optimized for Wii U and the Samus Armor in Bayonetta 1 and 2 which had own moves and attacks...

Shinji Mikaki could work with Platinum again after he left the company few years ago and he did direct/design Vanquish so imagine Vanquish and Metroid having a baby, it would be crazy and probably would't be a mess like Metroid Other M with Team Ninja being in chaos after Itagaki and some others have left the company.

DragonKnight1253d ago

Unless you want an actual Metroid game, or a 2D Metroid game.

Concertoine1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

What's with n4g and wanting all these weird metroid games? Everytime i see an e3 post i see some guy saying he wants a metroid online fps or some crap. Now we want an action Metroid game... again? Platinum excels at making linear 5-8 hour games with deep combat and high replayability.

That's the opposite of Metroid whose emphasis is on exploration and labrynthine open worlds with little point in combat.

PigPen1253d ago

Nintendo has all intentions to partner with Platinum. Platinum makes games of Nintendo's quality. Nintendo has the capital (money) to fund Platinum games. Platinum wants Nintendo to fund their games. Do the math, it makes sense.

-Foxtrot1253d ago

I can't really see a Metroid game from them...Retro yes but

Bimkoblerutso1252d ago

Yeah, their games seem a little....over the top to really be a good fit for the franchise.

But then everyone thought Retro was going to ruin the franchise as well, so we can't really make any hasty judgements. They can't really do any worse than Team Ninja and Sakamoto did with Other M.

The 10th Rider1252d ago

Oh, come now. I understand why people disliked Metroid Other M, I didn't even hold interest to play through the whole thing, but the base gameplay was fairly solid and someone could easily make a worse Metroid game.

I'd say Other M was at least a 7.5. There's companies that could do a lot more damage than that. It's just not the quality we're used to from Metroid titles.

Big_Game_Hunters1253d ago

Theyve been partnering with platinum since mad world on the Wii which also didn't sell too great. Nintendo is a console maker too so it's okay if they invest in games that don't make big profits because it adds to the overall vaiety and appeal of the console. I''m sure the Wiiu saw a slight sales increase when Bayo2 launched.

Also If this wasn't a joke, Nintendo knows a metroid game would sell, Hyrule warriors hit a mil because the Zelda name. I'm guessing a Platinum Metroid would sell more than the average platinum game. Too bad this tweet really doesn't mean much.

Concertoine1253d ago

They never partnered with them for madworld. Madworld was a sega game.

Besides we already got an action metroid game with Other M and it sucked. Platinum is not the company to make Metroid.

Big_Game_Hunters1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I would rather see retro make it too, but i think Okami shows Platinum has the range to make a metroid game that feels like a metroid game.

So Nintendo partnerd with Sega for madworld, same idea.

Concertoine1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I dont think thats true, actually. Sega made a push for mature titles on wii including Madworld, Conduit and HOTD, i think it was their decision. If you can find evidence of it being a deal with Nintendo, i'd be surprised.

Platinum should be making a star fox game. They all love bullet hell games and over the top action which is the perfect mentality for a star fox game. When i think of Metroid i think of the quiet moments over anything else.

Big_Game_Hunters1252d ago

That's probably true, but is till think it's Nintendo's benefit to keep them on board.

I wouldn't complain if platinum was making a spinoff Metroid. If they made a main Metroid i wouldn't be too worried unless from the first trailer you can tell its a Platinum game and not Metroid.

pcz1251d ago

there are a few good way of knowing if a nintendo rumour is true-

1- have the fans been asking for it for years? if yes, its NOT true! nintendo never listen to the fans, they do what they please.

2- is it the obvious choice? if yes, then its NOT true! nintendo never do what is the obvious thing to do, they will do the least logical thing.

3- is it a good idea? if yes, then the rumour is NOT true! nintendo never do what all gamers think is best.

so, whatever you imagine platinum might be working on, it will be the exact opposite. nintendo probably have platinum making a set of metroid branded playing cards for them

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BigDuo1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

We probably won't see another Platinum-developed title on Wii U. Kamiya is working on Scalebound while Hashimoto is supposedly handling that new PS4 project. Scalebound probably won't even be out this year.

DragonKnight1253d ago

If this were true, then it looks like people who want a 2D Metroid game will have to be happy with Axiom Verge. On the plust side, Axiom Verge is a great game. If Nintendo doesn't want to make a good Metroid game any longer, others will.

PigPen1253d ago

You can't stop it. Maybe if you were the President of the United States or a Senator are something. Hell, Michael Pachter can't stop it. Lol

christocolus1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Well that would be really cool. They've worked with Nintendo before and have built a great relationship with them and platinum are also quite skilled at what they do and if this is true it would mean working on 3 titles at once. scalebound, metroid and the rumored MGS:Rising2.

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