Uncharted 4 Is Being Tested by About 40 People; Dev Talks Foley System and Sound that "Feels Right"

During a livestream to support Operation Supply Drop 2015 Naughty Dog QA lead Trevor Stevens talked a bit about what kind of QA Testing is going on for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, while Sound Designer Robert Krekel talked about the work he's doing on the game's Foley Systems.

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Josuey1253d ago

i want a surprise playable multiplayer beta announcement at E3 to make up for the delay.

Abriael1253d ago

I believe they'll "make up" for the delay by delivering a great game.

NeverHeavyMan1253d ago

It's amazing. Had they NOT delayed it and the game launched with plenty of issues, the same folks would claim that it was "rushed" and a "bad game". Go figure.

OT: Look forward to whatever you have, Naughty Dog! You've yet to let me down!

Thatguy-3101253d ago

I'm glad they delayed it. Uncharted 3 felt rush and I'm pretty sure they learned from it. Who can forget the awful aiming that launched with the game. I'm hopeful that they do a beta and that the gameplay is similar to whats found on Uncharted 2.

Mr Marvel1253d ago

I never really cared much for multiplayer in any games, even the Uncharted series, but I did enjoy TLoU multiplayer.

I just hope we can get the platinum trophy without having to do any multiplayer.

Paytaa1253d ago

I'm optimistic that ND will wow us all again like they did with Uncharted 2. The demo at PSX was nothing short of stellar and that'll be over a year ago when it launches! UC4 is an automatic contender for GOTY 2016.

crazed_shadow271253d ago

I just hope sales are not impacted from it launching in Spring 2016 vs Fall 2015. But then again, it is Uncharted, so it will do great!

As well as, I feel that beginning of the year releases get forgotten for game of the year because people start making their choices at the end of the year when the fall releases are the most recent in their memory. But I'm sure Uncharted will be unforgettable.

Immorals1253d ago

It's gonna sell well either way, let's face it!

I think spring will be a better release, less games to compete with!

rezzah1253d ago

The wow factor came in from the lack of expectation, simply put we were all surprised by the cinematic jump from UC to UC2. This is why UC2 appears to be the most memorable of the series.

While UC3 increased the cinematic experience, it was already expected which is why it did not "wow" us as much as UC2.

Toiletsteak1253d ago

I bet a collection will get announced at E3 with a Beta for U4.

Immorals1253d ago

That'd be unfair, I can't afford a PS4 this year :(