Battlefield 4 Dev Teases CTE For Xbox One

You may be asking yourself, why would DICE even bother bringing back the CTE, and why only for Xbox One? I say, it's for DirectX 12.

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hello121253d ago

Nice addition for the x box one version.

Rookie_Monster1253d ago

Very nice indeed! As I recalled, the Frostbite 3 engine and DX12 actually goes well together.

Majin-vegeta1253d ago

*Now, you may be asking yourself, why would DICE even bother bringing back the CTE, and why only for Xbox One? But I think EA DICE has a good reason, and that reason is DirectX 12.

Woah woah I'm gonna have to stop you there before you get Certain people happy for no reason.The reason it's only coming to X1 is cuz Sony refused to give access to DICE LA to get it up and running.Where as MS allowed them.Although Jjju said that could change soon from Sony's side.

So yea let's not go making a mountain out of a molehill.

At least we can now get the console version up to date instead of relying on PC testing.

Bigpappy1253d ago

You will be 100% more persuasive by providing a simple link to back up what you are saying. I am not accusing you of making stuff up, but many here do. Just saying I can't just go on your word. It should be common sense by now to always provide a link when you want to debunk what someone else is saying in an article.

Majin-vegeta1253d ago

There really isnt a link.But anyone who follows CTE closely through Twitter,reddit etc...can add it up.

Gilgamesh151253d ago

Can you get more defensive? I swear to god Sony fan boys lose their f'ing minds at the mere mention of dx12 and x1.

Majin-vegeta1253d ago

Wait so correcting misinformation is now considered being defensive??Lol now i've heard it all.

SeanScythe1253d ago Show
USMC_POLICE1253d ago

Why would they do that when ps4 has a bigger player base for this game.

maniacmayhem1253d ago

Maybe it's all about making a game to it's fullest potential on a certain capable console.

VP371253d ago

Player base, exclusive content, and marketing rights, didn't matter much for Destiny. Destiny sold pretty much equally on both consoles, some say more on Xbox platforms.

BiggerBoss1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Destiny did NOT sell more on Xbox, or even "pretty much equally."

Even VGchartz (as unreliable as they are) has DestinyPS4 at 4.69 million, and DestinyXB1 at 2.58 million

spaceg0st1253d ago

simple. microsoft let them, sony did not. They've stated several times on twitter that "one" company would allow them to bypass the typical certification process... and now we know which one.

Whitey2k1253d ago

This will piss a lot of fan based on ps4 side

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The story is too old to be commented.