PSN Service Experiencing Issues On PS3 and PS4, Multiple Issues Reported

GearNuke writes: "PSN appears to be down again as users are reporting issues with PlayStation Network and its service on the PS3 and PS4."


All services up and running.

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Crazyglues2391d ago

Here we go again... I'm really starting to hate this lizard squad.

subtenko2391d ago

You would think we dont need these articles anymore. On the official website it will say the network status and everything...

kreate2391d ago

Been using psn on ps3.
no problem here.

No ps4 ..

MK24ever2391d ago

Having no issues on PS3 OR PS4 in Portugal.

hello122391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Good place to see if this is true is here and its seems to be.

Its been ongoing since Friday.

x box live suffered issues over the weekend, only 360 though. Last reported issue was yesterday

Sony needs to beef up the strength of the PSN network.

the_dark_one2391d ago

why dont you say both need to beef up the strength of their networks. both of them have been struggling of late. it could be due to the increase of players on ps4 and xbox one, but for what we are paying we should get a better online service

yarbie10002391d ago

I haven't had any trouble on Xbox One in a long time

vega2752391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@ the dark one

I agree that both companies need to find a way to stop this from keep happening. But I remember not to long ago subtenko made a claim that sony listens to its fans thats why psn hasn't been going down.

But again I totally agree. This is becoming a major problem.

freshslicepizza2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

it is hard to prevent these kinds of attacks, the best way is to plan ahead and be able to get your site up and running quickly. one countermeasure is to have more bandwidth than needed and microsoft has invested billions into servers around the world. few companies that can compete on this level are google and amazon. sony has gotten a lot better and the famous attack on psn years ago was a huge wake-up call for them.

deadpoolio3162391d ago

When will you people actually learn? Its getting really old now every time these Lizard Squad idiots screw with PSN and XBL, there always have to be people who immediately start crying that Sony and MS need to start beefing up their security....

YOU CANNOT ACTUALLY STOP DDOS ATTACKS, IF a group launches DDOS attacks against your network there is NOTHING that you can do to stop it, there are no magical programs that can stop the flow of empty pointless traffic...

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yess2391d ago

Problem is, there is pretty much nothing they can do against DDOS, other than ride of the attack.

WildArmed2391d ago

Yup, the best part is that journalists love to label it as "PSN HACKED"... yes, hacking and DDOS are the same thing /s

Spotie2391d ago

I would say you should stop, but since it's not like anything will happen if you keep it up, you might as well continue trolling.

Was on playing DC Universe with no issues at around 1 am. Got a "difficulty connecting" message, but hopped on fine just now. In fact, I haven't had any problems since Friday, or in months. What do you say to that, KNWS?

magiciandude2391d ago

My PS3 won't let me login, but my PS4 has no issues at the moment.

LonDonE2391d ago

My Ps4 and Ps4 are working fine, London u.k here however i was unable to play Destiny all day on my PS4! kept saying 'unable to connect to Bungie servers, servers unavailable please try later'.

Was super annoying! found a temporary work around:
Instead of pressing x at the title screen to progress to the character select screen, press the options button instead!
Some times it can take a few tries, took me 3 tries on my first go but it defo does work!!

So anyone having problems connecting on Ps4 with Destiny try it.

Read online the virgin lizard squad are responsible, dont care either way! Sony and MS should put up a cash reward for info to catch them. Then hand em over to me i promise i can fix these little ish faces in a heartbeat!

wegetsignalx2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Sony has been investing heavily in PSN, the service is hugely improved. There is only so much companies can do to protect against DDOS.

You are only here to troll and bring up Xbox as usual.

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user74029312391d ago

Playing Bloodborne right now online.

bananaboats2391d ago

just because it works for you doesn't mean it isn't down for others.

This is going to be a long gen of networks constantly going down. For both companies (because if I dont say that then someone will get their panties in a knot and feel offended)

nucky642391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

your first sentence is what I think is wrong with these types of articles. no matter what company - when an article like this says there is "problems", it never gives any sort of concrete numbers on how many issues,(or where) the problems are happening. heck, there are times when my psn is down and I NEVER see any of these articles reporting it....currently my psn is working.

the_dark_one2391d ago

maybe in the US, here in europe(ireland atleast) is going just fine.

MysticStrummer2391d ago

I was just playing the US Planetside 2 beta with no problem.

Fil1012391d ago

I have no problems playing games online, the only problem ive got is every couple of hours on ps4 it tells me cannot verify license and I have to keep logging out than in because for some reason I go to verify license s and it gets to 99% and error code, I contacted sony yesterday and all I got was that the psn is experiencing problems at the mo.

MysticStrummer2391d ago

Crazy. Never had a problem like that. I guess I've just been lucky with my PS3 and PS4 and their connections to PSN.

mrdxpr22391d ago

Weird I just got off from playing gtaonline no issues

nucky642391d ago

funny you say that - I'm in the eastern U.S. and psn is working fine for me.....I was thinking the issues must be in Europe - if someone is going to publish an article like this, they should at least have some info on WHERE the issues are occurring....the world is a big place!

KyRo2391d ago

I've been on all day here in the UK and it's been fine as ever.

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