5 PS4 Games We Expect to See at E3 2015

Expect Sony to show off during this year’s E3 2015 trade show in Los Angeles, California, as it should. Sony came from a virtual dead-heat with the PS3, to dominating current generation gaming. It’s the PS4 that offers the best in graphics and thus the PS4 that those who say they only care about games purchase. The PS4 has spent the better of the last year and a half as the most-sold home video game console.

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GenuineGamer1254d ago

Youd think they could fit 5 games on one page...

Star wars battlefront
Gran turismo 7
Batman arkham knight
Uncharted 4
Destiny ( expansion pack )

Saved you the clicks.

Im very interested to see what sony bring to e3. They have been pretty quiet so im hoping they surprise us with some great games.

I want a new crash bandicoot lol

RealFry1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I'd like to see a small announcement for the release date of the full version of Planetside 2, as well. Been playing the Beta off and on and it's not up to speed to do anything fun without a real bump in the player count, hoping a full release will bring out the potential of the game.

phantomexe1254d ago

I'm going say this even tho i say it ever year in the hopes it happens..... Legend of the Dragoon 2 or and HD remake. God i so wish it happen.

Relientk771253d ago

I wanna see

Ni no Kuni 2
Crash Bandicoot
Legend of Dragoon 2
Syphon Filter

Kingscorpion711253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Funny how the article doesn't expect Sony to announce that many new exclusives. I'm sure Sony will show two new exclusives! :)

Provolone241253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Also potentially new IPs from:

Sucker Punch (could likely be another Infamous instead)
Media Molecule
Quantic Dream
Sony Bend
Studio Japan
Santa Monica (could likely be another God of War instead)

And, who knows, maybe even Naughty Dog has another new game in the works. Can't ever really count them out, even with U4 being made.

Either way, it's looking like a lot of new games are headed PS4's way and the fact that Sony's lineup is so mysterious makes this E3 extra-enticing.