The Last Guardian Might Just Get Shown at This Year's E3

Could this year be the year that Team Ico's mythical The Last Guardian finally gets its public showing? Maybe, just maybe.

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SaveFerris1255d ago

Don't tease me like this.

thekhurg1255d ago

Not getting hopes up. Never again will I fall for this. When there's something tangible shown with a legit release date and live on stage demo - I'll be pumped again.

Transistor1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

This is pretty much everything that took place in the thread.

Plus Zoetis has said they have something this holiday to counter Halo, which Demonite responded to. Demonite is legit as it gets. He, Verendus and Gopher D work for Sony.

Verendus has been dropping some bombs regarding E3 lately as well.

I'm wondering if Sony Bend's game is the sequel to TLOU.

breakpad1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

@Transistor Gopher in another thread also said that new colors will appear (blue and orange) and not only brown...are these people legit?? ..because this is a clear reference to Crash bandicoot..if he is from Sony

Transistor1255d ago

Here are Verendus's E3 teases

Here is GopherD's

These are definitely spoilers, so if you like surprises don't click them.

E3 is going to be great.

Fauxfire1254d ago

So tempting to get excited though!

Transistor1254d ago

Some speculation on my part, but interesting regardless.

The imgur file DemonNite posted in response to TLG ends with "zU3hoVx"

"HoVx" could be short for Holiday 15.

ChrisGTR11254d ago

what happened to agent? from rockstar

TheRedButterfly1254d ago


They're gonna need something massive to counter Halo. That's one of the largest IPs currently within the gaming landscape.

mikeslemonade1254d ago

^ You're making me laugh about what you said about Halo. Halo is slightly more than relevant. It hasn't been a system flagship title since 2007.

poppinslops1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

Last year the Halo series sold it's 60 millionth copy... Halo 4 made $300mil in it's first week.

Slightly more than relevant.

Perjoss1254d ago

1 thing is a certainty, if even a single frame is shown on screen at E3 relating to TLG the place will erupt like a dormant volcano.

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poppinslops1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I'm pretty sure it won't be at E3 - the Tokyo Games show is a more appropriate venue for such an announcement... Colossus and Ico were both announced there, plus the Devs are Japanese.

Minato-Namikaze1255d ago

TLG was revealed at E3 tho......

Myze1255d ago

This is really only true about games that are thought to do better in Japan than the US/Europe (also, Colossus and ICO came out 10+ years ago).

The Last Guardian has a pretty strong fan expectation and longing. E3 gets far more viewers and attention than TGS, so for a game with the recognition and borderline mythos, at this point, as TLG, I see E3 as being the most likely place for a re-reveal.

That being said, I don't plan on getting my hopes up either, as there are plenty of other games that could be "the big reveal" at E3 this year.

poppinslops1254d ago

@Minato - Yeah, my bad.
I forgot it was already officially revealed... though - to be fair - that was some time ago.

@Myze - I'm suprised that's the case - you'd think these games would do especially well in Japan... although that might go a ways to explaining why the Last Guardian has taken so long - along with the various restarts, devs coming and going, the long stretches of silence and the lack of info regarding the game's direction.

Still, I'd have thought there would've been a bit more urgency, with regards to the international market... I guess they have a reputation to uphold (after all, Ico was supposed to be a PS1 game) - which is fine - they're yet to release a bad game, and at this point, they might as well just take their time and do it right.

traumadisaster1255d ago

If it's released at e3 I'll go buy another ps4, even though I promised to wait for a hardware revision.

Just for the sheer pomp of it all I would enjoy seeing that game blow up with ratings, buys and media attention.

deathtok1255d ago

I have to ask. Why exactly would you buy another PS4?

badz1491255d ago


If he has money to burn, why not?

iSuperSaiyanGod1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )

I have two ps4s ^ upstairs & downstairs ... Why not? lol

doritos1255d ago

Vaporware, plain and simple. It's sad seeing all these fans get excited year after year.

It was just a trailer, let it go.

nX1255d ago

The president of SCE confirmed that it's still in production, there's more reason to believe it's coming than that it's "vaporware".

doritos1255d ago

Yeah, I remember that. But words are just words until backed by action. How long has it been since he said that? Hasn't there been enough time to show something? Anything? So, yeah, vaporware.

Minato-Namikaze1255d ago

Tge studio japan team was tied up with puppeteer, knack, and GT6 until the end of 2013. After that Ueda most likely got a team, so its probably been in full production for a good 18 to 20 months now.

JMyers1254d ago

Vapour Ware like the game announces by black tusk... Only to be scrapped? Like Phantom dust where the team got shut down? Is that still coming? What reason is there to not confirm cancellation of TLG? None

_-EDMIX-_1254d ago

Not really, the game has been confirmed to still be in development and the game might have shifted from PS3 to PS4 as many might already be assuming.

Mind you...Ico met the same fate, it was originally going to release on the PS1. If TLG was canned, I think they would have stated so long ago as suppose to carrying on trolling as that sorta hurts them in the end, not help them. Its sorta the same reason why most sit back and wait when MS announced some 3rd party exclusive....I mean if we trust the past, then we know we'll see it on PC and or PS later 6 months to year down the line (some times on both).

So...why would Sony want to begin losing trust when they announce a game? So folks start believing they are just trolling? or worse, falsely advertising a game that has no intention to ever release as to stir up sales for PS4?

I clearly can see how repeating actions over and over again can create this idea about a company right?

I hate to use that timed exclusive junk about MS but I think we all sorta get that idea.

The_Sage1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Hey, Doritos! Don't pee in my Cheerios!

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

I came in here saw thegamescabin and thought it would just be an article about nothing.

After seeing this neogaf conversation I'm actually starting to get excited here.

It looks like it could be happening. Wooo hooo.



Rookie_Monster1254d ago (Edited 1254d ago )


Please stop posting things from Neogaf as all their insiders like Tidux and cboat were exposed as frauds. This Demonite cat is no different.

avengers19781254d ago

Don't show it if it's not coming out within a year. I was really looking forward to this game when Sony first showed it, but now every time I see news for it I think yea right... So put up or shut up.

crazed_shadow271254d ago

I agree. Knowing about games more than a year out does some damage on both ends of the gaming spectrum. Hype can get too big and gamers get disappointed when its delayed. Or end up showing too much of the game to keep the gamers interested and talking about it during the long stretch of time, and then when the game comes out its underwhelming because we have seen most of it already.

Heck, its ludicrous how FFvs13/15 has been announced 9 years ago.

Iceman_Nightmare1254d ago

you said toward the stripper

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DarkOcelet1255d ago

We say that every year. Until the year comes where its actually shown, we will continue saying that.

MegaRay1255d ago

It worked for KHIII and FF XV...

DarkOcelet1255d ago

I cant express my feeling on how i felt when KH3 trailer popped at E3.

It was a mix of a manly tear and screams.

Only a few games can do that to me.

Dark_king1255d ago

@DarkOcelet manly tear and girly screams here also...Wait I didn't tell everyone that did I?

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Nyxus1255d ago

Please let it be true.

Hellsvacancy1255d ago

I've actually honestly got grey hair now, not a lot just few strands hear and there, when TLG was first announced I didn't

By the time TLG is out I bet i'll have a head as grey as Steve Martin

traumadisaster1255d ago

Same here, but the sm reference they won't get. Skewing to old for "one wild and crazy guy."

Dark_king1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Actually quite a few of us are older, though I honestly don't have any grey yet black, brown, blonde and red sure but not any grey yet.Here's hoping I still don't by the time we get this game.