PSLS Hands-On: Super Stardust Portable

Super Stardust Portable hands-on by PSLS:

"Being a well known fan of Super Stardust HD, you can imagine my excitement when I noticed that there would be an iteration coming to the PSP. I searched the showroom floor and was disappointed not to find it down there. Fortunately, I was able to get a chance to play it in the "Exclusive" Sony Room..."

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DA_SHREDDER3746d ago

But why would I want to buy this game again when I already bought the better version?

UnSelf3746d ago

its for those who did the opposite.

cliffbo3746d ago

1 - This game looks good.
But why would I want to buy this game again when I already bought the better version?

what? there are currently 37 million PSP owners and 14 million PS3 owners... it makes sense to make a PSP version. also, those that play the PSP version may well want to play it on the PS3 (when they buy it) and those who play the PS3 version now have another incentive to buy a PSP

ThanatosDMC3746d ago

But chances are though that most of that 37 million people will download it illegally.

Dark_Vendetta3746d ago

Is this something like geometry wars with better graphics?

UnSelf3746d ago

Dont be foolish

but to answer ur question...i guess yea, u can say the 2 are alike. Its just this is much more fun and robust wit a lot of different modes and trophy support. Try the demo on the PSN

fusionboxer3746d ago

The closest game to geometry wars on the ps3 is Everyday Shooter, which revolves around learning the chaining systems and "tricks" in order to either survive or build up that score.

Super stardust relies more on your decision making in what weapon type to choose and pure dodging skills. Whereas most of everyday shooter and geometry wars levels revolve around specific chains, Super Stardust has you fighting the physics and elements of each planet. Yes there are bosses in Super stardust and yes some of the bosses carry specific patterned movements. The only difference is that 90% of the time your in pure chaos.