Witcher 3: Not only M-rated, but also a mature game?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Most video games flash boobs and butts with a quick roll in the hay and then call it "mature." The framework of Witcher games aim at maturity; it's not just an insertion of a sex scene that suddenly makes the game mature, it's about the whole world the game builds around the player.

The juicy bits is not what Witcher 3 is about. It's about presenting the player with a video game world that treats them like an adult on multiple levels.

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Roadrun011252d ago

Well i very much agree, that this is a mature game. But not due to the violence or the sex, you see that in many games, but due to the fact, that your choises are so morally based, and its hard to guess the outcome of your choises.
We alrdy saw that in the witcher 2.
Love the witcher 2, and i am SO looking forward to monday night :)

MonkeyOne1252d ago

I hope it's not so mature that it's humorless and charmless.

thekhurg1252d ago

If you're looking for Disney/Marvel humor then you're going to be disappointed.

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MWH1252d ago

don't worry they downgraded this for you.

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zsquaresoff1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Got the game today, looks absolutely stunning on Ps4.

Don't go by the images posted on the internet, you really have to see it for yourself.

Playing this on a 48 inch full hd Sony bravia. Best looking game on Ps4 yet.

Also, no frame rate issue yet, some in the cutscenes but nothing during gameplay.

Don't play with your younger sibling around. That M for mature rating is obyious right from the start.

Update: unreal, 4 disagress just for saying this game work great on ps4.

Stupid master race douchebags can't handle the greatness of the Ps4.

Immorals1252d ago

I'm giving you a disagree, not because of what you said, but because of your edit.

Can't wait for my copy to arrive. Might move my bed by the post box!

Hellsvacancy1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Yeah but you've got 5 agrees also, you don't honestly care about the agree/disagree thing do you?

It doesn't matter what you say on the internet, there will ALWAYS be people who disagree with you "It's a nice day today"........"not here on Afganistan it isn't"

zsquaresoff1252d ago

True but I was just shocked as to why would anyone disagree if I said the game looked great on Ps4.

kevnb1252d ago

What the hell does that mean?

aLucidMind1252d ago

Ride to Hell Retribution is an 'M' rated game, but is very immature. I'll use sex scenes as the comparison. In this game, you save some random woman. It then shows a ten-second scene of her thanking you, then it abruptly cuts to them banging. No context, no emotion, and has no point being there.

Witcher 2 is an 'M' rated game, but is actually a very mature game. Here, Geralt and Triss (who have an established relationship) find a spring surrounded by a natural garden of extremely rare roses that only wilt if the person who gives them to you stops caring for you. The area itself is beautiful, the story behind the roses is beautiful. A sex scene eventually comes up in the spring. It all feels natural, there's context to it in both the story and between the characters. It feels, and is, a vital part of the story and the character development in Witcher 2.

That's what it's asking; is it another 'M' rated game, or does it actually engage adults that want an intelligent and mature story?

kevnb1252d ago

So the fact that they give a shit about the characters and the story they are telling make the game mature?

aLucidMind1251d ago

To an extent, yes, but that's only part of it. How they are telling the story and events determines whether or not it is mature. Similar to "it's not what you say, but how you say it", you know?

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