Dog Tag idea work out

That Gaming Site has posted a new article about the "Dog Tag" Idea.

You may or may not have read about the Dog Tag idea for MAG, posted earlier yesterday. Massive Action Game (MAG) is the upcoming Sony exclusive that was boasted at E3.

It seems to be a very original idea and so it deserved some extra thought to truly work out what it would do and how it would work. The basic concept is that every player has a "dog tag". The dog tag would have there player name on E.G. 'Greyhound32' (if you exist sorry). Dog tags aren't there just for style though. We want them to actually mean something. So when you kill someone you gain their dog tag.


First Dog Tag idea has been sent in and uploaded to the site.

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Captain Tuttle3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Doesn't BF:BC have dogtags? I think if you knife someone you get their dogtag.

sandip7873740d ago

a reward for dogtags has to exist too. theres no point having hundreds of names and thats it..

Mr_cheese3740d ago

Read the whole post and you might actually see its not just that.