Sony Sets 150m Sales Target for PlayStation 3

Kaz Hirai, chief executive of Sony's PlayStation games console business, has set an ambitious target of reaching nearly 150m in sales for its slow-starting PlayStation 3 console.

Sony told those attending the video game industry's E3 that sales of its original PlayStation, launched in 1994, had reached 102m units and the PlayStation 2 console had now passed 140m worldwide in its ninth year on sale.

Mr Hirai said his aim was for the PS3 to surpass sales of the PS2 over a similar time period.

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Breakfast4936d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

"Sony is still incurring a loss on every PS3 sold."

"Twenty months after the PS3’s release, the console is barely 10 per cent towards his target. Sales to the end of Sony’s fiscal year in March were 12.85m and it expects to sell another 10m in the current fiscal year."

"The PS3 has trailed Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii in sales."

So...the points above, show us three things:

- PS3 is slowly killing Sony, and making them go bankrupt.

- Someone doesnt know math. With declining sales every year, how do they expect to reach 125mil. 12.5mil last year, 10mil this year, 7.5mil the next year, 5mil 2 years from now, 2.5mil 3 years, until they finally reach zero sales 4 years from now. And if they keep the PS3 on the market, they'll go negative in sales. Big nono.

- The PS3 is last.


sonarus4935d ago

Lol at least no one will say they aren't thinking big.

Have a disagree breakfast just for being you:)

Real gamer 4 life4935d ago

Despite the slow start, sony seem to be very confident that the ps3 will break 100 million units sold.

HighDefinition4935d ago

When HDTVs are standard and Bluray becomes standard (which is all in the next 2-3 years) The PS3 will have a slim version and be around $199 and will be a very appealing item. The games their coming out w/ like LBP, MAG, and Killzone2 are going to be very appealing aswell. At this point the more HDTVs and BR take off the more the PS3 will, especially if they keep on "out doing" the other gaming companys like they look to be doing from late 08 on, with the titles I just mentioned and more.

Veryangryxbot4935d ago

140 MILLION consoles worldwide.

It is without any doubt the king of all consoles...for now.

Yes, PS3 will do similar numbers if not more. By comparison, PS3 has already outsold the PS2 on a similar timeframe basis. Everything is set in place for the PS3 to sell those numbers. From the service, to the games and Blu Ray. This is the reason why the PS3 is the most futureproof of all consoles.

This is the reason why its mentioned time and time again that the PS3 is a 10 year cycle console. In year 2 we are already seeing superior games with LITTLE BIG PLANET, MAG, HOME and more.

Those who doubted this, are fools and haters to begin with. They cannot comprehend how a console can last THAT long because their own console has already crapped out 3 times in 6 months. Youre dealing with whole different cake here, haters.

Its like we said before: "We told you fking so" never felt any better.

Its year 2 and you are already being outsold. Its year 2 and our games are already technically superior. Its year 2 and we already have a better line up and even more exclusives coming soon. Its year 2 and we already have a full multi media device.

We told you fking so.

This is living.

Ben10544935d ago

that sony aren't loosing money for every ps3 sold, i thought that they break even on every ps3 sold(they don't make money, and they don't loose money)
Can anybody confirm this

pharmd4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

no, i cannot confirm that, and its lose not loose

@NasimDetective, way to take it off topic!

solidt124935d ago

You can't tell by current sales but I believe once the price comes down that i will really pick up and take off. It is selling well at a high price and will sell better with a price drop.

- With Blu-Ray winning and Download speeds not getting any faster I can see people owning more than one PS3 per house hold even more than the PS2 (again this is after a few price drops) I plan on buying another one next year or when ever they drop the price by $100.

- When the PS3 gets in the sub $200 range they'll be at least 60 - 80 sold and with a 10 year life cycle and new software during that whole time period they will reach that goal.

callahan094935d ago

@ 1.4

Hahaaha. Have a bubble for having such a great screen name.

Voiceofreason4935d ago

@ Veryangryxbot, I am sorry but I have to LOL at that whole post. PS3 is not on the same track as the PS2 was. The only console that is set to beat PS2 sales is the Wii. And you act like the 360 is complete garbage but what system did update 2.4 copy the most? The 360.So you having a system that is nothing but a clone of 360 features makes it the best on the market? Hardly.Also PS3 doesnt have more games on the way then 360. As it was in 06,07, and now in 08, the PS3 has the least amount of games to offer than the 360 or Wii. And lastly the whole technically superior comment I have to laugh. I dont remember reading the GTA4 version of 360 had to be patched like the PS3 version did, or how the 360 version played at true 720p while the PS3 version was 640p, but keep trying to claim the Ps3 is superior.The only thing you can name off are games that arent on the 360 at all to compare them to, but 90% of the multi plat games look and play better on 360.And thats not from my personal opinion, I dont even own a 360. Just read a lot of reviews and most had the PS3 version behind the 360 version for any given game on both.

solsub4935d ago

You're always good for a laugh...

Dark vader4935d ago

How can you state that the ps3 sale are declining, when the ps3 is beating 360 in sales this year? Since the start of the year the ps3 has outsold the xbox 360 in its own background, not to mention that the ps3 has surrpass that 360 in europe and japan. What is left now for the 360 is NA. At mirosoft press conference, microsoft themselfves stated that the 360 is enjoying a 5 million lead over the ps3. Correct me if i am wrong, but wasn't the 360 lead last year 10 million? So you telling me that in one year the ps3 has cut half of the 360 lead, despite the 360 having the advantage of being released first? If the ps3 keeps going at this rate, this time next year the ps3 will have caught up to the 360 and slowly surpassing it.

Veryangryxbot4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

Yes, PS3 is on track.

First 2 years PS2 and compare that with first two years of PS3. PS3 outsold PS2 in those same two years. PS3 also way more games planned for the coming years and its not hard to see that PS3 is starting to gain MO MEN TUM.

Its selling more and more every month. Youre just a hater. Go away.

@ nasim detective
What kind of fool are you, MAVERICK. Why do you keep persisting that I am Nasim. Yes, I know its you MAVERICK. Because the ONLY one who has ever accused me being Nasim, is you mr prom queen. Reported.

BIGELLOW4935d ago

Yes, Sony is still incurring a loss with every PS3 sold. However, this loss is much less than it was at the first release and they are expected to start making a profit on each PS3 sold by next year. In the meantime, they are still selling PS2s, and are incurring a gain with every PS2 sold.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is also still incurring a loss on every XBox 360 sold (even though it has been out longer.) Overall, the loss Microsoft has taken on XBox 360 sales surpasses the loss that Sony has taken on PS3 sales. In the meantime, Microsoft is no longer selling their previous console.

If you compare PS2 sales (from launch) to PS3 sales (from launch) you will see they are almost dead-on. In other words, the PS3 should have little problem at least matching PS2's sales (which are astronomical.) Given the fact that we're only about 20% into the race, and the fact that the gaming market has exploded in size from when the PS2 first came out, it is not difficult to imagine the PS3 selling 10m more than the PS2. If you look at the sales charts of the PS2, you will see that it didn't explode until about the 2-year mark. In other words, if the PS3 follows suit, it will explode in sales at the end of this year (during Christmas.) Given the fact that a lot of highly anticipated games are on the way, it's not difficult to imagine this taking place.

The PS3 only trailed in XBox 360's sales during the first 18 mos (which is to be expected since the 360 had already been out for a while and had more time to gain momentum.) Since the beginning of this year, the PS3 has been consistently selling more consoles than the 360. This isn't fantasy. This isn't imagination. This is just cold hard sales facts. Are there still more XBox 360s than PS3s on the market? Absolutely. This is, again, due to the lead. Will the PS3 ever catch up? It's really hard to say. But the facts do tell us that the gaming market has grown so much in recent years that even with two very competitive consoles on the market, previous sales figures can still be smashed by both competitors. That just simply means there are more gamers out there... more dollars are being spend in gaming... etc...

You'll notice I didn't bother comparing the Wii. The reason is, the Wii has been consistently outselling BOTH the PS3 AND the XBox 360. However, it is also considerably cheaper in price. It also appeals to a different type of gamer. Not to say that the same gamer wouldn't be interested in both a PS3 AND Wii, etc... just that the reason for getting each console is different. It's like the difference between buying a dish washing machine or a clothes washing machine. Both are washing machines... both use water and soap... both use electricity. However, you use them for different reasons.

In my view, the Wii is more for those who want to jump right into something and have fun. The PS3 and XBox 360 are more like "investments in technology"... something you get to do more than just play games... and continue to push 3d graphics to its limits, approaching absolute realism.

Dark vader4935d ago

I had to lol at this guys. First of all you living in the past, because all the 08 games that have been released are on par with the 360. Second despite what some might say, the ps3 version of gta was the better version, if you want proof go to and read there review of the game. And i knwo you not talking about copying, being that microsoft whole press conference was basically revolve around copying. They copied nintendo mii,sony singstar and playstation eye.

dan-boy4935d ago

unless the ps3 starts beating the wii's sales figures, from now on in...then read above

IdleLeeSiuLung4935d ago

What breakfast is saying is spot on based on the article. Another point is that a sale for 360 might be a lost opportunity for Sony. This generation is very different from the last when Sony had the most exclusives, and a huge head start.

The original Xbox only sold 24 million and the GC sold 22 million worlwide. If you assume each consumer only get one console, you realize that there is less than 200 million gamers out there accounting for Sony's 140 million PS2's sold. This means that both MS and Nintendo so far has almost grabbed almost a quarter of those 200 million consumers. Even with more gamers this generation, that 150 million consoles sold is very ambitious. Sony might gain momentum, but that would be based on it as a blu-ray player and the attach rate would probably decline. The way I see it, Sony abandoned the hardcore gamer then realized its importance and now trying to rectify.

If Sony really focused on PS3 as a gaming machine, you would have received both Home and in game XMB a long time ago. Instead they over-engineer their stuff for some new market.

whoelse4935d ago

Only in its second year.

Selling faster than the PS2.

Sega Saturn4935d ago

The PS3 will never ever sell that much! The reason the PS2 did, was because of Disc Read Errors. Most people own 3 or 4 PS2's.

Also the whole 10 year thing is a load of crap. The whole reason the PS2 has lasted this long is because of it's success. Not because Sony planned it. The fact is, that after 19 months on the market the PS3 is still in 3rd place and that is where they will stay.

ChampIDC4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

Well, I wouldn't rule out the chance of PS3 selling as many when it gets as cheap as the PS2. The PS2 appeals to a lot of families with lower income. The console is cheap. The games are cheap. And there's still plenty of consoles readily available. Also, it's nice and small, which is probably one of the bigger advantages it has over the original Xbox. And also, it obviously has a massive game library.

If the PS3 can eventually achieve that same appeal, it might just hit the sales mark, but with how things are going right now, I'm guessing it to hit somewhere in 50-80 million. Yes, that's a wide gap, but I'm not a professional at market predictions.

I'd say between PS3 and 360, it's anybody's game at the moment. I'm not ruling out either for 2nd place.

4935d ago
Sega Saturn4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

Also do not believe anyone that says PS3 sales are comparable to PS2 sales. The cold hard numbers show the PS3 is failing hard.

PS2 at 18 months = 19.67m
PS2 at 24 months = 28.6m

PS3 sales to date are around 13.5m

I don't think Sony will be selling another 15m machines in the next 4 months, do you?

Also I anticipate someone will bring up the 5 month European delay. Guess what? That's right. It took the PS2 longer to reach all 3 major markets and it still destroyed the PS3 sales in the same time frame.

After all the lies, deception and false promises. Sony are where they belong, in 3rd place!

CrazzyMan4935d ago

As long aas you getting GAMES that you CARE, does it matter?
of`course good HW sales = good developers support.
But ps3 already set to reach 23-25 mln. by the end of this year.
More over, MGS4 did over 2,5 mln. in first 4 week during summer. GREAT PS3 games sell GREAT, and MANY GREAt games are coming.
PS3 will do OK, really.
it`s already selling 1 mln. per month., and that is GREAT.)

AdamBombastic4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

Instead of spewing baseless comments here's proof showing the PS3 is building its install base nearly identically to the PS2. It's the 360 that is nearly 4 million units less in the same time frame as the PS3 is now. If the PS3 is selling at the same pace as the PS2, which has sold nearly 140 million, how could you argue with setting a goal to sell 150 million? It's a typical business model to set goals that improve upon what you have already achieved.

cyclindk4935d ago

Uhhh...Sony is ahead of where the Xbox 360 was at the same time on market and the Wii is something nothing could catch currently due to its low price point (which basically excludes it amongst consideration alongside the other consoles. PS3 is ahead of where the PS2 was when it was on the market for the same amount of time...this has already been stated by Sony many times.

And blu-ray will ensure the PS3 reaches 150 million.

toughNAME4935d ago

I was #81...go for gold Breakfast!

agentace4935d ago

you do know that consoles are ment to lose money and the companys make it up on software......if the ps3 sold for whats its worth about £400-500 it wouldn`t sell and then they wouldn`t make any money on software..........every console loses money its the software that is profitable

cmrbe4935d ago

if you didn't know. Sony console always start with a crawl and by the last 5 km of the marathon it will be sprinting like Bolts. Sony console sales increase in time unlike others. Sony always built their consoles to last not just in terms of hardware but softaware and now features in mind as well like Home etc.

Stagerman4935d ago

you do know that microsoft still loses money for every 360 sold and it was released a year longer...k just checking

RemmM4935d ago

They have a secret killer app,FFVII remake for PS3 along with a awesome update for PS3, LBP releases and the release of Home.

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Veryangryxbot4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

The PS3 is set to dominate and has already surpassed the PS2s headstart.

Bots are in disbelief because they cannot comprehend how the PS3 can last that long. Bots have to do with a console that breaks regularly and is extremely non futureproof so bots cannot comprehend how.

Well bots, I will tell you the secret: PLAY STATION, PLAY BEYOND.

Thats how it is done.
Not too late to play beyond. It starts at 399. This Xmas, its not about GeOW2, its not Floppe, its about user created content found on YouTube starring Sackboy. And you will cry with envy. And 5 years from now, you will hate your own guts for not getting a PS3 and missing out on THE TREND, THE HYPE, THE SHIAT, AND NEXT GEN GAMING.

I gotta take a shiat now, xbots. But I will be back so be afraid. Be very afraid.

cloudman4935d ago

Hey veryangryxbot, i was going to break my ff games on put in on net

but onstead am gonna sell them all on ebay if i can!

*i know you wanted me to break my FF games, but my camera doesnt work, it makes me blue and it doesnt even let you listen to videos*

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4935d ago (Edited 4935d ago )

You is one Stupid Detective!!! ;-D
You will NEVER be like 'Lieutenant Columbo' more like 'Lieutenant DUMB0'!!! ;-D

@Veryangryxbot ;) He thinks i'm you!!! ;-D Maybe i'm him, and he is us, and they are them... ;-D

Micro$oft Sets 150m RRoD Target for xBox 360!!! ;-D

(Oh he is over here now!)

@Veryangryxbot ;) Yep sad. I got nothing to hide so i'm not bothered! ;-D My own internet Stalker!!! ;-D

Veryangryxbot4935d ago

The guy has no life. He just created another account with the sole purpose of accusing us in different threads. Is that not sad or what.

I think I know who he is.

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Captain Tuttle4935d ago

Personally I think the Wii is this generation's PS2.

solidt124935d ago

"Personally I think the Wii is this generation's PS2."

It looks this way just because the Wii started at such a cheap price and the 360 and PS3 are more. Everyone really wants PS3 and when the price reaches Wii prices the PS3 will take off. The Wii doesn't have that many game to play and they aren't focusing on making real games. Just new add-ons bundled with the same game they came out with last year with minor tweaks.

Soon people will get tired of the Wii.

254935d ago the ps2 had game actually worth playing. and had a dvd player to boot. until now nintendo can't play a dvd. it should already be standard.

ChampIDC4935d ago

What you say is very true, but Wii has many idiot games for idiots, which accounts for a large amount of the world's population. I'm not saying every game is bad or anything of that nature, but look at stuff like Wii Play. Hardcore gamers tend scoff at games like that, but casuals eat it up like crazy. Wii just found the perfect formula to pull almost anyone into gaming.

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cloudman4936d ago (Edited 4935d ago )


Dark vader4936d ago

congratulation sony on reaching a milestone with the ps2. 140 million ps2 sold is a big achivement. only one more year left for the ps2, to complete its ten year life cycle.

Real gamer 4 life4935d ago

i agree with you dark, the ps2 is going to go down as one of the best console ever, breaking a big milestone of 140 million units sold.

Ben10544935d ago

Gonna stop ps2 after 10 years are they?
i hope they don't i want it to reach 150mil first

Harry1904935d ago

For me,the first Playstation is the greatest console ever. It introduced me to serious gaming and its library is unrivaled.

solidt124935d ago

I don't think they will stop the PS2 support after 10 years either because the games are still selling well. When the PS3 gets to around $250 they might stop support of the PS2 but it will be because PS3 sells are making up for the old PS2 sells.

ChampIDC4935d ago

I was never been a huge fan of the PS2 as a console, but the game selection really makes up for that for me. Even if I don't like it much, I can't deny its success. The PS2 has surely been doing its share to keep the PS3 afloat through the rocky start.

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