Game Informer E3 '08: Madworld Impressions

If you have not heard about Madworld yet, you are in for a treat. Madworld is a highly stylized action game that mimics the tone and exaggeration of a graphic novel. The Wii exclusive title is entirely in black and white, except for splashes of red – which primarily comes from the blood of your foes. In Madworld players are forced into a game of life and death, where only the strongest can survive. You play as Jack, who is unfortunately a participant in a game called Death Watch, which was created by a group of terrorists called The Organizers. During Death Watch the goal is simply to remain alive, and Jack hopes to do that long enough to find out what The Organizers are up to and put an end to the murderous game. Jack must use both weapons and found elements in the environment survive, which plays a large role in the over-the-top violence and irreverent humor.

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