Breaking Bad’s Parking Lot Shootout Recreated In GTA 5

One Angry Gamer "The quality of GTA V machinima is starting to pick up. One of the newest videos to start making the round is a recreation of a somewhat iconic scene from the popular AMC show Breaking Bad. If you haven’t seen the show and you don’t want anything spoiled, you might not want to watch it."

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Toiletsteak1303d ago

I don't know what it is but Hank looks different.

orakle441303d ago

Right? All that work and effort, yet they didn't make Hank look like Hank? I don't get it.

Great job regardless.

Fauxfire1303d ago

Why is it always Breaking Bad remakes?

itsjustexuma1303d ago

Because it has so many amazing moments

Fauxfire1303d ago

So Breaking Bad is the only movie/t.v. show with amazing moments worthy of recreation?