Project Cars Devs: Poor AI Issue to be Fixed, PS4 Server & Xbox One Chat Issues Explained

The developers at Slightly Mad Studios concede that the AI can be a little poor at times, though there is a fix being developed. Xbox One chat issues get explained and PS4 server issues are an ongoing investigation.

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1nsomniac1276d ago

Haven't played the game myself so can't really comment too much but what happened to all the reviews that called out the AI as excellent??

Just how bad is the AI?

Orbilator1276d ago

Not my fav racer procars but it does play ok. Was it worth the wait? No should a game delayed so much still launch with issues, NO. Am I still playing it, Yes coz I do like car games just not my fav.

I don't mind waiting for patches. DC has turned out to be an awesome racer. Hope they get there eventually with PC

Maddens Raiders1276d ago

Waited for it, own it, and love it. I guarantee most people complaining about the AI are typical whiny casuals who are looking for a cross between Driveclub and Need For Speed. This is far from any of that. This 'game' is nearly perfect in my eyes and this is coming from a LIFELONG GT LOYALIST. This title has it all at the moment and the AI is far from a major complaint. It is good, if not great. I will be broadcasting in just a bit because it's hard to stay away from this game for true and serious petrolheads. SMS did a bang up job on this one and my eye is on the boys and girls at my beloved Polyphony Digital because they truly have their work cut out for them. This is NO DOUBT the BEST time to be a console race fan. Wow.

TheCommentator1276d ago

Eventually the game has to ship, and I'm not surprised at the games faults after watching all the pre-release video. The fact that they talked about a sequel before this one shipped was a nail in the coffin for me.

@maddens raiders

It's easy to be happy with the AI if you're a GT fan since the AI in GT was clearly modelled after the behaviour of ants.

wegetsignalx1275d ago


Gran Turismo AI is fine. It's sad to hate games for being exclusive to another platform.

TheCommentator1275d ago


It's not hate, it's truth. The AI in GT habitually take the same lines, hardly do anything different from driver to driver, and make almost no attempt to pass each other. They're as predictable as ants following a theramone trail.

It's sad to see you get so defensive over a games' inherent weakness. Maybe GT7 will be better.

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DonkeyDoner1276d ago

when someone said DC AI is a killer driver then check this game out

bunfighterii1276d ago

Well having gone from Gran Turismo 6 to Project Cars, I can say the AI is streets ahead of Gran Turismo. Where GT cars seem to be on rails, PC is a whole different story. I'm pretty happy with the AI.

USMC_POLICE1276d ago

How's the handling ? I'm so used to gt and forza I'm afraid to be disappointed like I was with grid auto sport.

Mega241276d ago

idk what's wrong with the AI. For me they are actually racing, like competitively. They block other cars trying to pass, take shortcuts throught grass. I'm playing it on PC, so I don't know where this problem is coming from, it doesn't seem to be affecting PC I think.

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TKCMuzzer1276d ago

No matter what happens the AI will never be as bad as some of the human driving in multiplayer, some people are just terrible and seem confused about braking for corners.

IWasHere1276d ago

Signed! And those guys are the first who complain about AI.

traumadisaster1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

So the devs are treating it as a kick starter even now, after releasing a final product. How do you not finish the AI? A crucial element that the devs will patch in.

BS, make a great complete game if you want to compete for my money. They have been around awhile and I have all their older games, they should be more professional with their considerable experience in the industry.

Just read their responses in the article, it is infuriating to see the lack of respect to the consumer. The game was just not done and they new it, all those people paid full price and did not get a full game.

Some predicted this would happen decades ago when the term dlc and patches were introduced, they were afraid the industry would turn into this. They were insightful.

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MaximusTKG1276d ago

@trauma disaster

I read nowhere in that article where the quotes from SMS sounded "disrespectful". It seems to me they were simply trying to explain a situation. Perhaps they used a myriad of too many big words for you. SMS has been incredibly up front to consumers about this game.

traumadisaster1276d ago

The "situation" is an unfinished product, word it anyway you want. The devs can "explain" their lack of deliverables and be upfront about it, but that does not excuse the result.

Lackluster effort and poor planning is not excused because you give me excuses.

Immorals1276d ago

Been spoiled by drivatars. All driving Ai just seems a bit meh to me now!

1276d ago
Iluvtrim1276d ago

This would never happen with Drivatars. Power of the cloud people. Just saying

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