E3 2015 Predictions For Microsoft

MVGN writes "E3 2015 is upon us ladies and gentleman and it’s time for MVGN to peer once again into our crystal ball and try and predict what will happen at this year’s big show. We are expecting Microsoft to have a HUGE show this year and we have made our final 5 predictions for XBOX One. What will Microsoft be bringing this year?"

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lifeisgamesok1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Gameplay shown on these games

Halo 5
Quantum Break
Alan Wake remaster
Gears of War 4
Forza 6
Gears of War remaster
Crackdown 3
Banjo Kazooie
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Fable Legends

New Lionhead, Press Play, and Twisted Pixel IP's revealed

indie montage showing Below, Cuphead, Inside, Super Hot and new announced indies

The best E3 this year

nicksetzer11249d ago

Totally forgot about below and inside. This years E3 for MS is going to kick some major a**.

Also, you forgot phantom dust, LXP's game (prob holo lens) and I seriously suspect a new game from mojang, likely minecraft 2. Honestly it is almost too much, hope they aren't planning to show anything releasing later than holiday 2016, hate when devs announce things to early Just to make the wait harder.

christocolus1249d ago

They haven't shown much of inside since the initial reveal. I really want to know more about that game.

mikeslemonade1249d ago

Microsoft will have the best E3 conference.

Also Phantom Dust isn't a thing anymore. The trailer they made was confirmed to not be anything the developers intended to be. And when the developer asked for money MS said "no".

poppinslops1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Oh Mikey... wrong again.

It's still getting made - just not by the same studio.

That said, I doubt we'll see Phantom Dust at E3... or Quantum Break - since Remedy seem to prefer Gamescom - but you never know.

Personally, I want to see some Tomb Raider, Forza and Crackdown... also, it's high time we got a release date for Capybara's Below and an announcement for xbox versions of Firewatch and/or the Long Dark.

Kal0psia1248d ago

Microsoft's third party collaboration for new exclusive first-party IPs more prevalent this generation than last. So expecting some new titles from some third party, Square might seem viable.

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Rimeskeem1249d ago

They will also showcase Call of Duty if that deal is going on

nicksetzer11249d ago

Yea, I am sure they will showcase the games they paid millions for marketing rights for as will their competition and any sane minded company....

christocolus1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Scalebound and an awesome game from Rare are all i need to see at E3, also you forgot about the new studios i.e LXP ,Mohjang, State of art, Lift and soho. I bet we will see some stuff from them. Also decisive games is rumored to be working on an RTS game and it was announced that Telltale was working on a minecraftgame.wouldn't be surprised to see an exclusive game from capcom or Square. MS may have to push a lot of stuff to Gamescom.

christocolus1249d ago

Inside and Gigantic should be on that list and there's a chance we might get a Gears 4 teaser trailer.

mt1249d ago

if microsoft will have all those games shown at E3, it will be great, really great E3 for them.

guyman1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

It's a good line up but there is no way microsoft will blow their entire hand at E3, there is still gamescom 6 weeks later. If you expect all that plus what nick mentioned, you will be very disappointed.

nicksetzer11249d ago

Don't expect it all @ E3, just not sure which will be at E3 and which will be elsewhere.

Luiz_1249d ago

why the hell would you disagree with that comment? seriously some of you have no fkn life!

Iceman_Nightmare1248d ago

I think Rare's new game is going to be a Perfect Dark reboot

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maniacmayhem1249d ago

The insert pic is how the Xbox One should have looked on release.

I'm curious to see what Scalebound is only because I am such a huge fan of Platinum games.

wegetsignalx1248d ago

No, none of the 3 console manufacturers will "completely dominate" the other. They will all have good shows and show good games, depending on the gamer's tastes. That is the mature, unbiased opinion.

SaveFerris1249d ago

I predict they will show games, games, and more games.

Fro_xoxo1249d ago

no predictions for me..
I just wannabe wow'd

vega2751249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Im with you. But a major part of me believes they have a strong lineup. Lets just hope that part is right

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